Hyogo University

Hyogo University (兵庫大学, Hyōgo daigaku) is a private university in Japan. Its campus is located in Shinzaike, Hiraoka-cho, Kakogawa, Hyōgo Prefecture. The university is one of the seven schools run by Mutsumi Gakuen (睦学園), a school foundation with a Buddhist background (Nishi Hongwanji denomination).

Hyogo University
EstablishedFounded 1921
Chartered 1995
PresidentHideko Ohmura
Academic staff
90 full-time
Location, ,
Main Gate


Mutsumi Gakuen
  • 1921: Taishi Sunday School was started in memory of the 1300th anniversary of Shotoku Taishi's death.
  • 1923: Suma Taishi Hall was opened in Suma-ku, Kobe, to which the Training Course of Sewing (a girls' school) was attached.
  • 1937: Suma Taishi Hall Foundation was incorporated. The foundation established Suma Mutsumi Girls' Vocational School (Sumanoura Girls' High School today).
  • 1951: The school foundation was renamed Mutsumi Gakuen.
  • 1955: The school foundation established Mutsumi Gakuen Women's Junior College.
  • 1966: The junior college was renamed Hyogo Women's Junior College, moving from Suma-ku, Kobe to Kakogawa.
Hyogo University
  • 1995: Mutsumi Gakuen established Hyogo University.
    • with one faculty: Faculty of Economics and Information Science
  • 1998: The junior college was reorganized into the Junior College Department of Hyogo University.
  • 1999: Graduate School of Economics and Information Science was established.
  • 2001: The Faculty of Health Science was added.
    • with Departments of Nutrition Management and Health System Management
  • 2006: The Department of Nursing was added.

Faculties (Undergraduate schools)Edit

  • Faculty of Economics and Information Science
  • Faculty of Health Science
    • Department of Nutrition Management
    • Department of Health System Management
    • Department of Nursing
  • Faculty of Welfare Society

Graduate schoolsEdit

  • Graduate School of Economics and Information Science (Master's courses only)

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