Huoshan Huangya tea

Huoshan Huangya tea (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 霍山; pinyin: huòshān huángyá; pronounced [xwô.ʂán xwǎŋ.jǎ]) is a yellow tea from Huoshan County of Anhui Province in China. It is an imperial tribute tea, that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The dry tea leaves have a shiny appearance and are very similar to Huang Shan Mao Feng tea. When steeped, the tea has a very peppery and fresh taste as well as an unusual green-yellow color. As with most bud teas, the color and fragrance are slight.[1]

Huoshan Huangya
Huoshan Huangya tea leaves.jpg Huoshan Huangya tea leaves close.jpg

Other namesHuo Mountain Yellow Sprout
OriginAnhui Province, China

Quick descriptionRefreshing bamboo-like fragrance.



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