Hugobert (also Chugoberctus or Hociobercthus) (died probably in 697) was a seneschal and a count of the palace at the Merovingian court during the reigns of Theuderic III and Childebert III. He was a grandson of the dux Theotar, and it is assumed, but not proven, that his father was Chugus, who in 617 became mayor of the palace of Austrasia. The juxtaposition of names in the Vita Landiberto episcopi Traiectensis may imply a relationship between him and the family of Saint Lambert (see below).

It has been disproven that he is one and the same with bishop Hugobert of Liège, because his wife appears in the records of Echternach in the year 698 as a widow. He was married to Irmina of Oeren, who, shortly after his death, made possible the founding of the Abbey of Echternach. Irmina was sister to Adela of Pfalzel, founder of the convent Pfalzel, who is frequently confused with her daughter of the same name. He last appears in a royal charter dated 14 March 697.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

Hugobert and Irmina had several daughters, including:

Other children sometimes attributed by genealogists to Hugobert and Irmina include:

Relationships with Frankish NobilityEdit

Hugobert has been speculated by genealogists to have been ancestor of a number of powerful families of the Frankish nobility, including the Etichonids, Agilofings, Widonids, Carolingians and Robertians/Capetians, as well as the family of William of Gellone. All of these connections are speculative in nature.