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Childebert III, called the Just (French: le Juste) (670 or probably 683 – 23 April 711), son of Theuderic III and Clotilda (or Doda) and sole king of the Franks (695–711), he was seemingly but a puppet of the mayor of the palace, Pepin of Heristal, though his placita show him making judicial decisions of his own will, even against the Arnulfing clan. His nickname has no comprehensible justification except possibly as a result of these judgements, but the Liber Historiae Francorum calls him a "famous man" and "the glorious lord of good memory, Childebert, the just king."[1] He had a son named Dagobert, who succeeded him, as Dagobert III but his wife was not Edonne, the invention of later fantasists. It is possible, though not likely, that Chlothar IV was also his son. He spent almost his entire life in a royal villa on the Oise.

Childebert III the Just
Childebert III 694 711.jpg
A coin of Childebert III, now in the British Museum
King of the Franks
Reign 695–711
Predecessor Clovis IV
Successor Dagobert III
Mayor of the Palace Pepin of Herstal
Born 683
Died 23 April 711 (aged 27–28)
Issue Dagobert III
Chlothar IV (?)
Dynasty Merovingian
Father Theuderic III
Mother Clotilda

It was during his reign of sixteen years, in 708, that the bishop of Avranches, Saint Aubert, at the urging of the Archangel Michael, founded the monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Upon his death on 23 April 711, southern Gaul began to grow independent: Burgundy under Bishop Savaric of Auxerre, Aquitaine under Duke Odo the Great, and Provence under Antenor. He died at St Etienne, Loire, France. He was buried in the church of St Stephen at Choisy-au-Bac, near Compiègne.


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Childebert III
Born: 670 Died: 711
Preceded by
Clovis IV
King of the Franks
Succeeded by
Dagobert III