Hugh IV, Viscount of Châteaudun

Hugues III (died 1110), Viscount of Châteaudun, son of Rotrou I, Viscount of Châteaudun, and Adelise de Bellême, daughter of Guérin de Domfront. Hughes became Viscount of Châteaudun upon his father's death in 1080.

Hughes donated the church of Saint-Léonard de Bellême to Marmoutier Abbey in 1092, and in 1096, Pope Urban II consecrated the new chapel and preached for the First Crusade.

Hughes married Agnes, Comtesse de Fréteval, daughter of Foucher, Seigneur de Fréteval, and Hildeburge Goët. Hughes and Agnes had three children:

Hughes was succeeded as Viscount of Châteaudun by his son Geoffrey upon his death.


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