Rotrou I, Viscount of Châteaudun

Rotrou I (died 1080), Viscount of Châteaudun and Count of Perche (as Rotrou II), son of Geoffrey II, Viscount of Châteaudun,[1] and Helvise de Corbon (d. 1 March 1080), daughter of Rainard, Lord of Pithiviers.

He was noted in charters providing donations to the abbies of St. Vincent of Le Mans and St. Denis of Nogent-le-Rotrou.[1] Rotrou attempted to avenge the murder of his father by attacking Thierry, Bishop of Chartres, an act for which he was briefly excommunicated.

Rotrou fought William of Gouët, a follower of Stephen, Count of Blois, (and probably the father of William Gouët IV, husband of his granddaughter Isabelle of Champagne) for the strongholds of Perche-Gouët. He also challenged Roger de Montgomerie and William the Conqueror, fighting in the insurrection of Robert Curthose against his father William.

Rotrou married Adelise (Adeliza) de Bellême, daughter of Guérin de Domfront.[1] Rotrou and Adelise had:

Rotrou also had an illegitimate son named Robert “Manda Guerra” (d. after 1095).

Rotrou was succeeded as Viscount of Châteaudun by his son Hugues and, as Count of Perche, by his son Geoffroy.


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