Huellas (English: Traces) is the 17th studio album by Mexican pop singer Yuri. It was released in 1998. It sold more than 200,000 copies earning 2 Gold discs.[1]

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Released1998 (1998)
Gospel music
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Que tu fe nunca muera


Yuri comes back to the public view with this album of inspirational style under the supervision of Polygram. This is a foray into Gospel music, pop, hip hop and blues. Four singles were extracted:"¿Y tú como estás?" (How are you?), "Soy Feliz" (I'm happy), "Ven y tócame" (Come and touch me) and "Hoy que estamos juntos" (Today we are together). She achieves to chart in the first spots of the Religious radio stations with her songs: "Jesucristo" (Jesus Christ), "María Magdalena" (Mary Magdalene), "El milagro" (The miracle) and "Deja al amor fluir" (Let love flow). She creates polemic and controversy in the Mexican news because of her radical prudery, leaving behind the femme fatale image, since that representation didn't match with her then-style of religious. With this album, she announced an indefinite cease to her career in order to dedicate her time to divulge God's word and welfare[2].

It reached #12 in Pop Latin Albums in Billboard.[1]

Track listingEdit

1."¿Y tú cómo estás? (E tu come stai)"Claudio BaglioniAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez4:12
2."Soy feliz (Summer Breeze)"J. Seals, D. CroftsAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez3:45
3."Hoy que estamos juntos (Non amarmi)(Ft. Rodrigo Espinoza)"A. Baldi, G. Bigazzi, M. FalagianiAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez4:26
4."El latir de tu corazón"K. Boycet, T. Cooper, B. CooperAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez4:16
5."El milagro"Marcos VidalAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez5:41
6."Jesucristo"Roberto CarlosAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez3:35
7."Huellas"AlabínaAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez3:35
8."La montaña"Roberto CarlosAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez4:57
9."Ven y tócame (Tocar voce)"Torcuato MarianoAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez3:55
10."Deja el amor fluir"Crystal Lewis, Brian RayAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez5:28
11."Mi familia"Patty Cabrera, Bob ParrAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez3:55
12."María Magdalena"Yuri, M. PachoAlex Zepeda, Arturo Pérez4:42



  • Producer: Alejandro Zepeda
  • Musical arrangements: Alex Zepeda and Arturo Pérez
  • Musicians: Arturo Pérez, Michael Landau, Neil Stubenhouse, Alex Zepeda, Phenix Horns
  • Backing vocals: Kanny O'Brian, Carlos Murguía, Leyla Hoyle, María del Rey
  • Recorded in: Z. LAB, Mexico, Westlake (A) Audio, Castle Oaks, Westlake (D)
  • Mix engineer: Antonio Canasio
  • Mastering: Bernie Grundman
  • Art direction: Arturo Medellín, Manuel Calderón
  • Photography: Adolfo Pérez Butron
  • Graphic design: Ulises Quezada


Non-Christian ChartsEdit

  • ¿Y Tú Cómo Estás?
  • Soy feliz
  • Hoy que estamos juntos (Duet with Rodrigo, her husband)
  • Ven y tócame

Christian Radio StationsEdit

  • María Magdalena
  • Jesucristo
  • El Milagro
  • Deja al amor fluir

Single ChartsEdit

# Title Mexico United States
United States
Lat. Songs
Costa Rica Venezuela Colombia Guatemala Nicaragua Peru
1. "¿Y Tú Cómo Estás?" #1 #10[4] #8[5][6] #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1
2. "Soy Feliz" #10 - - #20 #15 #16 #10 #4 #19
3. "Hoy que estamos juntos" #5 - - #21 #20 #25 #19 #10 #29
4. "Ven y tócame" #15 - - #22 #29 #30 #26 #20 #35

Album ChartEdit

Year Position Mexico United States
United States
1998 Peek #1 #28[7] #12[8]


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