Huawei Symantec Technologies Co. Ltd. (Chinese: 华为赛门铁克科技有限公司; pinyin: Huáwéi Sàiméntiěkè Kējì Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) was a developer, producer and supplier of network security, storage and computing solutions. The joint venture was disbanded in March 2012 [1][2] when Symantec sold its share in the company to Huawei, which is headquartered in Chengdu, China.[3][4] Huawei originally owned 51% of the company, while Symantec owned 49%.

Huawei Symantec Technologies Co. Ltd.
Native name
Company typeJoint venture
IndustryInformation Technology
FoundedFebruary 2008 (2008-02)
DefunctMarch 2012 (2012-03)
FateSymantec's stake acquired by Huawei
Key people
Ren Zhengfei, CEO
Tad Lebeck, CTO
OwnersHuawei (51%)
Symantec (49%)

Huawei is a Chinese-based company, while Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) is a US-based corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California.[5]

History edit

  • 2000: Huawei started R&D in the security technology field; Symantec is a provider of antivirus and security software
  • 2004: Huawei started R&D in storage technology field
  • 2005: Symantec acquires Veritas Software, manufacturer of Information Lifecycle Management software
  • 2007 (May): Huawei and Symantec sign an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture in order to provide end-to-end solutions in the domain of converging network, security, and storage and computing technologies.[6]
  • 2008 (February): Huawei Symantec was established.
  • 2012 (March): Huawei acquires the 49% of shares held by the Symantec Corporation at a price of about 530 million U.S. dollars or 3.4 billion yuan.

Technological convergence and R&D edit

Huawei Symantec is a holder of more than 300 patents in storage and network security field, and about 30 of them were accepted as formal technological standards.[7] Huawei Symantec's technologists participate in various standardization organizations, including holding chair and vice-chair posts.[8] More than 50% of employees are engaged in research and development activities with labs located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou in China, and in India.[9]

Acquisition by Huawei edit

On November 14, 2011, Beijing Time, Huawei and Symantec reached an agreement on a transaction where Huawei acquired Symantec's 49% stake in Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei Symantec) for US$530 million.[10] Upon closing the agreement gave Huawei full ownership of Huawei Symantec. Huawei Symantec and Symantec Corporation are two separate entities.

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