Huasquillay is a town in the district of Omacha, province of Paruro, department of Cusco in Peru.[1] According to the 2017 National Censuses, it has a population of 141 inhabitants.[2]

Coordinates: 14°05′06″S 71°50′48″W / 14.085°S 71.846667°W / -14.085; -71.846667Coordinates: 14°05′06″S 71°50′48″W / 14.085°S 71.846667°W / -14.085; -71.846667
Country Peru
FoundedSeptember 30, 1992
 • MayorAlex Santiago Domínguez Puelles
3,046 m (9,993 ft)
 • Total141
Time zoneUTC-5 (PET)


The town of Huasquillay was created on September 30, 1992, under municipal resolution No. 013, in the government of President Alberto Fujimori.[3]


It is located on the banks of the Velille river at an altitude of 3,046 m (9,993 ft), in a temperate zone, the annual average temperature varies between 12 °C and 16 °C approximately. According to the floor altitudinal belongs to the Quechua region.[2]

Cultural traditionsEdit

Being agriculture and livestock the base of the family economy; we can find the production of corn, wheat, barley, potato in its various varieties, beans, peas, quinoa, squash, pumpkin and all kinds of vegetables, we can also find fruits from avocado, pears, medlar, capulí, prickly pear, apple, tumbo and others; within the livestock activity we find the breeding of Creole cattle, Brown Swiss, Holstein; we also find sheep, horses, pigs, etc.

During festivities there is a fondness for cockfighting, horse racing and bullfighting.



  • 2021 - 2022
    • Mayor: Alex Santiago Domínguez Puelles.
    • Aldermen:
    1. Eufemia Mollenido Billalobos
    2. Eduardo Huillca Mayta
    3. Victor Raúl Zoluaga Huamaní
    4. Encarnación Valverde Samanes
    5. Emiliano Games Montel


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