Hondo Maclean was a hardcore punk outfit from Bridgend, Wales.

Hondo Maclean
OriginBridgend, Wales, United Kingdom
Years active2001–2007, 2011
LabelsMighty Atom Records
Associated actsThe Future, This Is Menace, Funeral for a Friend
MembersBen Woosnam
Gavin Burrough
Gavin Philips
Rich Boucher
Jake Thomas


Taking their name from a character in 80s cartoon series M.A.S.K., Hondo Maclean emerged from the South Wales hardcore scene to wider recognition, including touring with former Jackass star Steve-O and engaging in their own headline tour.

They released two EPs and one full-length album, with plans to release a second before they decided to disband in early February, 2007.

Since Hondo Maclean broke up, former members Gavin Borrough and Rich Boucher have both joined Funeral for a Friend, albeit at different times. Also of note is that Johnny Phillips, who drummed for a previous incarnation of Hondo Maclean named Mongrel, was a founding member of Funeral for a Friend.

In of July 2011, a one-night-only reunion show by Hondo Maclean was announced. The show was arranged for the 30th of December 2011, but tickets promptly sold out, causing the band to arrange another show for the 29th of December.

In November 2014, the band released 300 vinyl exclusive copies of The Truth; The Fiction; their second studio album. The album was recorded over six years previously while the band were going under the name of The Future.

Former membersEdit

  • Michael Davies – Vocals
  • Rhys Jenkins – Lead Guitar
  • Ryan Richards – Drums
  • Grant Robinson – Drums





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