Honda Prize

The Honda Prize is awarded by the Honda Foundation.[1][2][3][4][5] It is awarded for "the efforts of an individual or group who contribute new ideas which may lead the next generation in the field of ecotechnology". It is sometimes referred to as the "Nobel Prize in Technology" since it has put a spotlight on achievements in a variety of fields based on a wide perspective in the future, including two Turing-awarded artificial intelligence accomplishments.[6][7][8]

Honda Prize
Reward(s)10 million yen
First awarded1980; 40 years ago (1980)


The prize consists of a diploma, medal, and a reward of 10 million yen.

List of recipientsEdit

Year Name Nationality
1980 Gunnar Hambraeus [sv] Sweden
1981 Harold Chestnut USA
1982 John F. Coales UK
1983 Ilya Prigogine Belgium
1984 Umberto Colombo Italy
1985 Carl Sagan USA
1986 Jun-ichi Nishizawa Japan
1987 Jean Dausset France
1988 Paolo Maria Fasella Italy
1989 Lotfi A. Zadeh USA
1990 Frei Otto Germany
1991 M. S. Swaminathan India
1992 Hermann Haken Germany
1993 Koki Horikoshi Japan
1994 Benoit Mandelbrot France-USA
1995 Åke E. Andersson [sv] Sweden
1996 Bruce Ames USA
1997 Günter Petzow Germany
1998 Hubert Curien France
1999 Aleksandra Kornhauser Slovenia
2000 Shuji Nakamura Japan
2001 Donald Mackay Canada
2002 Barry John Cooper UK
2003 Ken-ichi Mori Japan
2004 Walter C. Willett USA
2005 Raj Reddy[7][9] USA
2006 Richard R. Nelson USA
2007 Philippe Mouret [fr] France
2008 Harald Rose Germany
Knut Urban Germany
Maximilian Haider Austria
2009 Ian Frazer Australia
2010 António Damásio USA/Portugal
2011 Gábor A. Somorjai USA
2012 Denis Le Bihan France
2013 J. Tinsley Oden[6] USA
2014 Helmut Clemens Austria
2015 Russell H. Taylor USA
2016 Akira Isogai [jp] Japan
Hiroyuki Yano Japan
2017 Hiroyuki Matsunami [jp] Japan
2018 Fujio Masuoka Japan
2019 Geoffrey E. Hinton[8] UK/Canada


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