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Homen Borgohain (Assamese: হোমেন বৰগোহাঞি) is an Assamese writer and journalist. He is currently working as the chief-editor of Assamese daily newspaper Niyomiya Barta. He was awarded the 1978 Sahitya Akademi Award in Assamese language for his novel Pita Putra.[1] Borgohain also wrote several novels, short stories and poetry. He was also the President of Assam Sahitya Sabha.[2]

Homen Borgohain
Native name
হোমেন বৰগোহাঞি
Born7 December 1932
Dhakuakhana, Assam, India
OccupationAuthor, Journalist, Poet, Editor.
GenreAssamese literature
Notable worksPita-Putra, Atmanusandhan, Matsyagandha, Dhumuha aru Ramdhenu
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In spite of having rural roots, Borgohain's work shows a deep understanding about urban complexities. In the early phase of his life Borgohain led an almost bohemian existence and the reflection of that particular life can be visualized in many of his early stories. Borgohain first edited an Assamese weekly newspaper Nilachal and later he edited the weekly Nagarik. Afterwards, he served as a senior staff member of Bangali daily newspaper Ajkal. Borgohain's editorial articles in Nilachal and Nagarik are edited by Dr. R. Sabhapandit and published in two volumes in Assamese.

He returned his Sahitya Academy award in 2015 in protest against the lack of tolerance being created at the Indian society.[3][4]



Born in a small village in Dhakuakhana, Lakhimpur, Borgohain went to Guwahati after completing matriculation and joined Cotton College for higher studies. He married Nirupama Tamuli, famous in Assam as Nirupama Borgohain : one of the most popular writers of her generation and an exponent of early feminist writings in Assam. The writer couple wrote a novel called Puwar Purobi Sandhyar Bibhash, which is the first and perhaps the only joint-novel written in Assamese.


  • সাওদৰ পুতেকে নাও মেলি যায় (Saudor Puteke Nau Meli Jay)
  • হালধীয়া চৰায়ে বাও ধান খায় (Halodhiya Soraye Baudhan Khai)
  • অস্তৰাগ (Astarag)
  • পিতা পুত্ৰ (Pita Putra)
  • তিমিৰ তীৰ্থ (Timir Tirtha)
  • কুশীলৱ (Kushilab)
  • এদিনৰ ডায়েৰি (Edinar Diary)
  • বিষন্নতা (Bisannata)
  • নিসংগতা (Nisongota)
  • সুবালা (Subala)
  • মৎস্যগন্ধা (Matshyagandhaa)


  • আত্মানুসন্ধান (Atmanusandhan)
  • ধুমুহা আৰু ৰামধেনু (Dhumuha Aru Ramdhenu)
  • মোৰ হৃদয় এখন যুদ্ধক্ষেত্ৰ (Mur Hridoy Ekhon Judhyokhetro)


  • গদ্যৰ সাধনা (Gadyar Sadhana)
  • মানুহ হোৱাৰ গৌৰৱ (Manuh Huwar Gourov)
  • প্ৰজ্ঞাৰ সাধনা (Progyar Sadhana)
  • উচ্চাকাংক্ষা (Ucchakangsha)


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