List of people from Assam

This is a list of people from Assam, India.

Administrators, diplomats and justicesEdit

  • Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, 5th president of India; first Assamese to be the president of India
  • Devakanta Barua, first Assamese to be the president of Indian National Congress
  • Ananda Ram Baruah, first Indian district magistrate in India; first person to qualify for the civil services (ICS) from Assam and sixth from India; first graduate from Assam; Sanskrit scholar
  • Ranjan Gogoi, 46th Chief Justice of India, first person from northeast to held this prestigious position
  • Bishnuram Medhi, Governor of Madras State from January 1958 to May 1964; first Assamese governor of an Indian state
  • Gopinath Bordoloi, Prime Minister of Assam before independence;Chief Minister after independence; politician; writer; first Bharat Ratna awardee from Assam
  • Parbati Kumar Goswami, first Assamese Justice in Supreme Court of India
  • Harishankar Brahma, first election commissioner of India from Assam and the second from North-East India
  • Baharul Islam, judge of the Supreme Court of India
  • Anowara Taimur, First lady Chief Minister of Assam
  • Jamchonga Nampui, first person from Scheduled Tribe of Assam to qualify for the civil services (IAS)

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