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Holoscenic is the fourth studio album released by Canadian producer Rhys Fulber as Conjure One, the first album for Armada Music. The album was initially released as a worldwide digital download on November 20, 2015.[1] [2]

Holoscenic conjure one.jpg
Studio album by Conjure One
Released November 20, 2015 (2015-11-20)
Genre Electronica, chill out, downtempo
Length 68:00
Label Armada
Producer Rhys Fulber
Conjure One chronology
Singles from 'Holoscenic'
  1. "Under the Gun"
    Released: April 2013
  2. "Still Holding On"
    Released: September 2013
  3. "Ghost"
    Released: November 2016



The album had two singles ahead of its release. First out in April 2013 was the song "Under the Gun" featuring vocals by Leigh Nash, which also featured a remix by Rank 1 and the first music video for Conjure One, shot in Iowa and Tennessee. The second single, "Still Holding On" (released in September 2013), featured vocals by Aruna and remixes by Arisen Flame, Clinton Van Sciver, Mike Shiver and well as a chillout mix by Aruna and Rhys Fulber.

About the album, Fulber said, "I had been thinking about the concept of the Holocene epoch for a while - the ruins of civilization that a decaying society leaves behind to be once again consumed by nature. The word itself is a bit dry and one day the word play just came together and was written down to be rediscovered a couple years later as this album took shape. It then seemed like the perfect title for this collection of songs, and directly inspired the artwork which perfectly conveys the feeling of the music."[3]

Track listingEdit

# Title Guest vocalist Producer/Writer Co-writer(s) Length
1. "Kill the Fear" Hannah Ray Rhys Fulber Peter Wright 06:11
2. "Miscreant" Deniz Reno Rhys Fulber Christopher Elliott 06:00
3. "Under the Gun" Leigh Nash Rhys Fulber Leigh Nash 05:34
4. "All That You Leave Behind" Leah Randi Rhys Fulber 08:17
5. "Only Sky" Christian Burns Rhys Fulber Victoria Horn, Christian Burns 05:24
6. "Serac" Rhys Fulber 05:59
7. "Still Holding On" Aruna Rhys Fulber Aruna 06:15
8. "Ghost" Kristy Thirsk Rhys Fulber Kerli Kov, Victoria Horn 05:23
9. "The Garden" Rhys Fulber 06:19
10. "Brave for Me" Jeza Rhys Fulber Jessica Bennett 06:36
11. "Oceanic" Mimi Page Rhys Fulber Mimi Page 05:10


  • Produced, mixed and programmed by Rhys Fulber. Multitrack mastering and mixing on track 1, 3 and 8 by Greg Reely.
  • Guitars on tracks 5, 10 and 11 by Matt Lange. Guitar on track 3 by Emerson Swinford. Guitar on track 8 by Joel Shearer. Strings on tracks 3 and 7 arranged and played by Stevie Black. String arrangement on track 2 by Chris Elliott. Backing vocals on track 8 by Kerli. Additional programming on track 1, 8 and 11 by Matt Lange. Recorded at Surplus Sound, Los Angeles.
  • Cover art and design by Michał Karcz. Conjure One logo by John Rummen.

Singles and remixesEdit

Ahead of its release two singles were released including remixes. In 2016, Armada Music, Conjure One's record company, started to release new remixes of the other tracks from the album.

"Under the Gun" (2013)

"Still Holding On" (2013)

  • Arisen Flame Remix
  • Clinton van Sciver Remix
  • Mike Shiver Remix
  • Aruna vs. Conjure One Chill Mix

"Ghost" (2016)


"The Garden" (2016)

  • MHammed El Alami Remix

"Brave for Me" (2016)

  • LTN Sunrise Remix

"Serac" (2016)

  • Eddie Murray Remix

"Still Holding On" (2017)

  • Yoel Lewis Remix
  • Farlane Remix

"Oceanic" (2017)

  • Amine Maxwell Remix

"Kill the Fear" (2017)

  • Farius Remix

"Under the Gun" (2017)

  • Kago Pengchi Remix

"Miscreant" (2017)

  • Heliotype's Balearic Bass Remix


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