Rhys Fulber

Nowell Rhys Fulber is a Canadian electronic musician and producer. He is a member of Front Line Assembly[1] and Delerium, along with Bill Leeb. He also records under his own name and under the name Conjure One.

Rhys Fulber
Rhys Fulber with Front Line Assembly at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2018
Rhys Fulber with Front Line Assembly at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2018
Background information
Birth nameNowell Rhys Fulber
Born (1970-10-10) October 10, 1970 (age 50)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
GenresAlternative metal (production), electronica, industrial rock, trip hop, trance
Occupation(s)Producer, musician
InstrumentsKeyboards, synthesizer, sampler, programming
Years active1987–present
Associated actsConjure One
Front Line Assembly
Fear Factory
Paradise Lost
Econoline Crush
Scar the Martyr


Rhys Fulber was born in Vancouver, Canada on October 10, 1970. His father, a musician, was born in Germany and his mother was from Great Britain. His father introduced him to the music of Led Zeppelin and Kraftwerk (and took him along to see Kraftwerk live in 1975). Fulber became interested in music and started drumming on his father's instruments at a very early age.

His father later built and ran a recording studio, catering toward the local punk rock scene. As a youth, Fulber spent a lot of time at the studio. In 1984 he started becoming more interested in electronic music and acquired his first synthesizer.

In 1986, he became friends with Bill Leeb, who had just left his former band Skinny Puppy.[2]

Fulber is a first cousin of Shawn Atleo (Ahousaht First Nation), a Canadian activist and politician, who was elected twice as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, serving 2009 into 2014.

Early music careerEdit

Fulber's first involvements in Front Line Assembly were one song on their second cassette release Total Terror, and then three songs on The Initial Command. He also contributed to Delerium's debut album, Faces, Forms & Illusions. During this time he started the band Will together with Chris Peterson, John McRae and Jeff Stoddard, which lasted from 1987 to 1992.

He joined Front Line Assembly for their first tour, Gashed Senses & Crossfire in 1989. He then joined Delerium full-time when Michael Balch left.[3] Until 1997, Fulber was involved in all Front Line Assembly, Delerium and side projects with Bill Leeb, including the albums Tactical Neural Implant and Hard Wired from Front Line Assembly, and Semantic Spaces and Karma from Delerium.

Rhys Fulber live with Conjure One at the Nocturnal Culture Night festival in Germany, 2015

Leeb and Fulber released several albums as Synæsthesia, including Embody, Desideratum[4] and Ephemeral.

Fulber was nominated for the Jack Richardson Producer Of The Year award at the 2008 Juno Awards and won two Junos with Delerium for Best Dance Recording in 1998 and 2000.


This section lists only regular full studio albums.

Under his own nameEdit

  • Your Dystopia, My Utopia (Sonic Groove, 2018)
  • Ostalgia (Sonic Groove, 2019)
  • Diaspora (aufnahme + wiedergabe, 2020)
  • Resolve (FR Recordings, 2020)

Conjure OneEdit



Front Line AssemblyEdit


  • Intermix (Third Mind, 1992)
  • Phaze Two (Third Mind, 1992)
  • Future Primitives (ESP-Sun, 1995)

Noise UnitEdit

  • Response Frequency (Antler-Subway, 1990)
  • Strategy of Violence (Dossier, 1992)
  • Decoder (Dossier, 1995)
  • Drill (Off Beat, 1996)




As Front Line Assembly was beginning to peak, their UK label Third Mind was bought out by Roadrunner Records, a predominantly metal label. An up-and-coming band on the label Fear Factory was looking to expand their sound with remixes and new label mates Front Line Assembly were contacted. This led to the influential Fear Is the Mindkiller EP. From this more metal themed work followed while Fulber was contracted to contribute keyboards and de facto additional production to Fear Factory's breakthrough Demanufacture album, defining their signature sound. Fulber had also contributed backing tracks around this same time to new Canadian industrial rock band Econoline Crush, leading to their signing with EMI Canada and eventually his first full length production job handling their debut album Affliction, spawning minor Canadian rock radio hit "Wicked". From there his production career grew and became more varied. The later success of Delerium bringing him into more adult music formats with artists like Josh Groban and Serena Ryder. Based out of Los Angeles since 2000, he currently works out of his own studio, Surplus Sound in Van Nuys.

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