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Holiday Hills (Washington)

Holiday Hills are a group of mostly treeless, loam[1] hills in Spokane County, Washington, at the foothills of the Selkirk Range. Originally the hills were unnamed, but a resort opened on Carlson Hill, and eventually the hill became known as "Holiday Hill"[2]. Eventually the name "Holiday Hills" was used to refer to the surrounding hills as a whole. Eventually the name spread to local businesses, and when the resort, and other businesses eventually closed down, the hills retained their names[3]. The hills are situated immediately to the east of the adjacent Saltese Flats. The western slopes of Holiday Hills are known as the Saltese Uplands.

Holiday Hills
Highest point
Peak Carlson Hill
Elevation 2,664 ft (812 m)
Coordinates 47°39′01″N 117°07′14″W / 47.65018°N 117.1205°W / 47.65018; -117.1205Coordinates: 47°39′01″N 117°07′14″W / 47.65018°N 117.1205°W / 47.65018; -117.1205
Length 3.5 mi (5.6 km) NS
Width 1.5 mi (2.4 km) EW
Area 4.4 sq mi (11 km2)
Country United States
State Washington
Parent range Selkirk Mountains
Borders on The Saltese Flats, The Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake
Type of rock Gneiss
Panorama of the treeless Holiday Hills looking east from Eagle Peak.