Hoichi Kurisu

Hoichi Kurisu (栗栖宝一, Kurisu Hōichi) is a noted designer of Japanese gardens, active in the United States.

Kurisu studied landscape design and construction under Kenzo Ogata in Tokyo, Japan. He then was Landscape director for the Garden Society of Japan (Nihon Teien Kyokai) (1968–1972), during which time he supervised construction of the Portland Japanese Garden. In 1972 he founded Kurisu International, Inc., which has since designed and built a number of gardens.

He designed the Roji-en Japanese Gardens at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, a set of six gardens representing 1,000 years of Japanese horticultural tradition from the 9th to the 20th centuries.[1] They were completed in 2001.[1] Kurisu designed gardens at the Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, in Lebanon, Oregon, which was the winner of a 2006 "Healthcare Environment Award for Landscape Design".[2][3]

Selected worksEdit


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