Hockey One

The Sultana Bran Hockey One is a field hockey competition organised by Hockey Australia, which replaced the Australian Hockey League.[1][2][3][4]

Hockey One
Hockey One logo.png
FormerlyAustralian Hockey League
SportField hockey
No. of teams7
CountryAustralia Australia
ContinentOceania (OHF)
Most recent
New South Wales NSW Pride (M)
Queensland Brisbane Blaze (W)

The competition serves as Australia's premier domestic hockey league, helping unearth future talent for selection to the Australian national teams; the Kookaburras and Hockeyroos.[5]

NSW Pride men and Brisbane Blaze women were the inaugural tournament champions, taking out the 2019 titles.[6]


The Sultana Bran Hockey One was founded on 17 April 2019. The tournament was formed following an overhaul of the Australian Hockey League, and replaced the tournament to serve as Australia's premier hockey competition.[5]

Following a series of rule innovations during the 2018 men's and women's AHL tournaments, Hockey Australia made the decision to disband the premier competition, making way for the new domestic league.[7]

On 23 September 2019, Hockey Australia confirmed that the new league had secured a major partnership with Kellogg's, with naming rights also afforded to the company, forming the Sultana Bran Hockey One.[8] The following day it was confirmed that Westfund Health Insurance had been named as a supporting partner.[9]

COVID-19 pandemicEdit

Following a successful first season of the Sultana Bran Hockey One in 2019, the second edition was hotly anticipated for commencement in late 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the league's second season has been postponed until 2021.[10] The decision was made by the Hockey One board on 24 March 2020 following consultations with Hockey Australia and the seven member associations in the league, all of which being unable to financially support the program later in the year.[11]

The postponement was not only made to benefit associations financially, but also on account of restrictions put into place by the Government of Australia, which prohibited mass-gatherings and sporting events.[12]


Seven teams will compete in a round-robin tournament with home and away matches, played from late September to mid November, with the top four teams advancing to the finals round at a pre-determined location.[13]


The seven teams to compete in the Sultana Bran Hockey One come from Australia's states and territories, with the Northern Territory being the only team absent.[14]

Men's tournamentEdit


Year Hosts Gold Medal Match Third and Fourth
Champions Score Runners-up 3rd place 4th place
2019 Melbourne, Victoria  
NSW Pride
Brisbane Blaze
Tassie Tigers
HC Melbourne
2021 TBD


Men's Statistics
Year Player of the League Highest Goalscorer(s) Player of the Final
2019 Eddie Ockenden (Tigers) Blake Govers (Pride) Flynn Ogilvie (Pride)

Women's tournamentEdit


Year Hosts Gold Medal Match Third and Fourth
Champions Score Runners-up 3rd place 4th place
2019 Melbourne, Victoria  
Brisbane Blaze
(3–2 pen.)
HC Melbourne
Adelaide Fire
Canberra Chill
2021 TBD


Women's Statistics
Year Player of the League Highest Goalscorer(s) Player of the Final
2019 Shihori Oikawa (Chill) 4 Players (see list) Ambrosia Malone (Blaze)


In an attempt to engage fans, every game of the Hockey One league will be broadcast live throughout Australia. All matches will be broadcast live via streaming service Kayo Sports, in addition, all finals matches will be shown live on FOX Sports.[14]

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