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History of Uva

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Sri Lanka has divided into nine provinces and Uva Province distinct place among them. The natural environment and the history of the province are the main reasons for it.[1][clarification needed]



When the wind blows through the mountains, a "hoo" sound is generated. It is believed from the tales that the word "hoo-wa" is later transformed into "Uva". But how and when it is used is never mentioned.[citation needed]


In the 19th century Governor of Ceylon, Sir Hamilton Gorden established the Uva province. Before that divisions such as Bintenna, Wiyaluwa, Wellassa, Udukinda, Yatikinda were belonged to Central Province and Wellawaya and Buttala belonged to the Southern Province.[2]

Administration divisionsEdit

The province had been divided into seven provincial financial control divisions

  • Udukinda
  • Yatikinda
  • Buttala
  • Wellawaya
  • Wellassa
  • Wiyaluwa
  • Bintenna

Udukinda and YatikindaEdit

The word "Kinda" denotes the land. The area with a higher elevation is called "Udukinda" and the area with a lower elevation is called "Yatikinda"

The areas with a higher elevation, such as Pattipola, Ohiya, Haputale, Welimada, Gurutalawa, Ambewela and Ettampitiya were fallen under "Udukinda". Other areas with lower elevation such as Badulla, Passara, Lunugala, Demodara, Ella, Hali-Ela, Narangala and Spring-Vally were fallen to "Yatikinda".


During the era of King Dutugemunu the path way from Northern province to the southern province was fallen through Buttala. A free meal was given to people who travelled from the north to the south. The place where the free meal was given called "Bath Hala", and name "Bath Hala" was later transformed into "Buttala".


When compared to the other divisions of the Uva province, wellawaya area is very much closer to the sea. The area is with a lower elevation and less number of mountains. Therefore, this area is touched with the wind blown from the sea, which was called "Welle Wayuwa". It is believed the name "Welle Wayuwa" later called "Wellawaya".


The large area around Mahiyangana was called "Bintenna".


Bamboo trees were called as "Wiyalu". The area with a large number of bamboo trees, was named as "Wiyaluwa".

Village Councils before 1950Edit

During and after the British Ceylon period, the Uva Province was administered as several Village Councils and Town Councils. Later these administration units were transformed into Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Provincial Councils.[3]

  • Bintenna
  • Palwatta Arulupitiya
  • Oya Palatha
  • Soranathota
  • Wiyaluwa
  • Dehivini Palata
  • Dambavini Palatha
  • Gampaha
  • Meda Palatha
  • Yati Palatha
  • Uda Palatha
  • Rilpola
  • Kumbalwela
  • Bogoda
  • Passara
  • Pattipola
  • Wegam pattu Nilagala
  • Medagam Pattu
  • Dambagalla
  • Buttala
  • Wellawaya
  • Kanda Pallena No 01
  • Kandapallena No 02
  • Kandukara
  • Buttala Wedirata

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