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Hisor District

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Coordinates: 38°32′N 68°33′E / 38.533°N 68.550°E / 38.533; 68.550

An old castle in Hisor before renovations
Location in Tajikistan

Hisor District (also transliterated as Hissar, Gissar) or Nohiyai Hisor (Tajik: Ноҳияи Ҳисор, translit. Nohiya‘i Hisor/Nohijaji Hisor) is a district in the Region of Republican Subordination, in Tajikistan, located west of the capital Dushanbe, between Varzob District in the east and Shahrinaw District in the west. Its capital Hisor (Gissar) is a town of 50,000 people about 10 km west of Dushanbe, at the center of the fertile Gissar Valley.

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