Hey You! (TV series)

Hey You! is an Australian television sitcom which first screened on the 0-10 Network in 1967 and ran for 16 episodes.[1]


The series is set in a suburban Melbourne boarding house and centres around the idle and lazy Ocker Ramsay, who spends his time drinking beer and reading comics. Hugh T. Worthington, is an Englishman who comes to stay at the boarding house and passes himself off as a "Major", a title he has created for himself, but is in fact an opportunistic, fast-talking con-man. Mrs. Myrtle McNugg is the kind-hearted landlady who promised her very good friend (Ocker's mother) before she died, that she would look after her boy. Miss Farthingale is a daffy, eccentric spinster who dabbles in mysticism and Simpkins is a sensitive type who works in a boutique with a highly-strung nervous system.[2]


  • Colin McEwan as Ocker Ramsay
  • Ernie Bourne as Major Hugh T. Worthington
  • Margaret Reid as Mrs. Myrtle McNugg
  • Sue Israel as Miss Farthingale
  • George Whaley as Simpkins

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