Heraldo Filipino

The Heraldo Filipino (stylized as HERALDO FILIPINO; abbreviated as HF) is the official student publication of De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) located in Cavite, Philippines. As a journalistic organization at its core, HF regularly releases news, online and in print, as well as features, sports, and literary articles relating to on and off campus issues that concern the Lasallian community.

Heraldo Filipino
Heraldo FIlipino logo, DLSUD.png
Voice, Virtue, Vigilance!
TypeStudent publication
Editor in ChiefKelsey Telo
Membersfrom 30-40 (including editors)
PredecessorThe Magdalo
LanguageEnglish and Filipino
ProductsNewspaper, magazines, and website
HeadquartersRoom 120, Gregoria Montoya Hall, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines

HF produces publications such as broadsheets, magazines, and folios throughout the academic year distributed around the campus of DLSU-D. HF also hosts events such as seminars and contests for the DLSU-D community and outreach events for the Cavite community.


The publication was founded in 1985 by Laura Campos, the Dean of Student Services of General Emilio Aguinaldo College-Cavite (former name of DLSU-D). When Campos found the need for a campus publication, she formed the Magdalo (former name of HF) with the help of physical therapy students who became the first official members of the publication. The Magdalo was regularly released twice every semester or four times a year. The topics then were light and positive, focusing on matters about the administration, events inside the campus, and other issues relevant to the students' interest.

In 1987, EAC and the De La Salle University System (DLSU) merged to form DLSU-EAC. Because of this, Campos, who then became the Dean of Student Affairs of DLSU-EAC, considered adopting a new name for the publication to distinguish it from EAC's publication (EAC-Manila also used the name Magdalo for their publication). A contest was held to give the publication a new name, but since nobody joined, Campos herself decided to name the publication Heraldo Filipino, in reference to a revolutionary newspaper released from 1898 to 1899 by the Philippine government under General Emilio Aguinaldo, titled El Heraldo de la Revolución. The new name, which is Spanish for "The Philippine Herald," was launched and took effect in 1989.

Vision & MissionEdit

The Heraldo Filipino is guided by the principles of responsible campus journalism, motivated by the Lasallian virtues, and called upon to serve the DLSU-D community by establishing a pronounced transformation constructive to the progress of the entire society.

As the voice of the students, the HF strives to provide essential information and promote analytical and reliable thinking for the students’ interest. As dedicated and vigilant Lasallians, the HF observes the values of Religio (Religion), Mores (Morals), and Cultura (Culture) in efficient harmony with progressive and conscientious judgment.

The HF commits itself to the unwavering pursuit for the development of the academic community and nation by upholding their principles as responsible student journalists.


Promulgating its credo of "Voice, Virtue, and Vigilance," the Heraldo Filipino releases approximately 10 publications a year. The publications include four quarterly broadsheets, a features magazine, a sports magazine, a literary digest, an art and photography folio, and an investigative journal/special report newsletter, in addition to the regularly updated website.

These are classified into three types, but are not limited to:

  • The Heraldo Filipino
    • The broadsheet of the same name, released a minimum of four times a year (twice a semester).
    • The parts of the broadsheet organized by page are as follows
    • News
    • Kampusapusapan - the section wherein DLSU-D students can voice out their stands or concerns regarding the University administration, staff, facilities, fellow student councils and organizations, and more.
    • Opinion - the section includes Witbread, a column piece open to all bonafide DLSU-D students.
    • Exposure – the photo essay section
    • Heraldoodles – the comics section
    • Features
    • Literary
    • Sports
  • Supplements
    • La Salleño, the features magazine, released at least once a year;
    • Just Play, the sports magazine, released once a year;
    • Palad, the literary digest, released once a year;
    • Alipato, the art and photography folio, released once a year;
    • Decreto, the news and investigative newsletter/documentary;
    • HF Express, the special report newsletter/documentary; and
    • Halalan, the university elections coverage released during campaign season.

La SalleñoEdit

The first issue of La Salleño (abbreviated as LS) was first released in 1993, initiated by Orlando Oliveros (editor-in-chief, AY 1993-1994), as a supplement to the HF broadsheet. The purpose of the magazine was to separate serious and editorial articles from the feature and literary articles. The name "La Salleño" is a portmanteau of the words "La Salle" (in reference to DLSU-A, now DLSU-D) and "Caviteño" (a term for a Cavite resident).


The literary digest, Palad, was actually planned before the release of LS, but it was only in 1993 when it was first published. Rosalea Macaspac (literary editor, 1993-1994), spearheaded the release of its first issue. The name Palad literally means "palm" or "fortune" in Filipino.

In her note in the digest, it reads: "Ang kahiwagaan ng palad ng bawat tao at sulak ng kanyang init—ito ang nagbibigay-buhay sa aming pagsilang" (The mystery of every person's palm and the outburst of their soul—this gives life to our birth).


Conceived in 2003 under the leadership of Jake Ofrasio (Art Editor, 2003–2004) and Emmanuel Cogama (photo coordinator, 2003–2004), HF's art and photography folio Alipato showcases the visual artistry of the publication. The name Alipato means "ember" in archaic Tagalog.

Just PlayEdit

In May 2005, the first issue of HF's sports magazine, Just Play (abbreviated as JPlay), was published. Spearheaded by John Paul Mari Abcede (sports editor, 2004–2005), it started with the analysis of the Patriots (the official athletic team of DLSU-D). On its second issue, it carried more news and feature stories on sports and various events participated by the Patriots.


Decreto is the news and investigative journal of HF. It is published in tabloid size, usually as a supplement of and an insert in the broadsheet. It covers and reports on major social issues and/or investigative campus reports, and aims to encourage students to be updated on events inside the campus and around the country, in the perspective of their fellow students. Decreto means "decree" in Spanish.

HF ExpressEdit

HF Express, the special report newsletter, was the brainchild of HF batch 2012-2013 under the leadership of former editor-in-chief Bryan Mey Tomas (2012-2013). It tackles events or issues in the University that aren’t as hard-hitting as the issues tackled in Decreto. HF Express may be published in lieu of Decreto, depending on the decision of HF's editorial board.


To keep the students updated during the University’s election season, HF introduced Halalan in February 2002. It became the official newsletter for the university elections, featuring election-related news. It gave the students an ideal hint of whom to vote for in the elections. Starting from March 2017, Halalan has become an extension to the HF website in which the university student elections coverage has evolved into online articles and videos. Halalan means "election" in the Filipino language.

Organizational structureEdit

The editorial board is the governing body of HF led by the Editor-in-Chief.

The publication is divided into two departments

  • the editorial department – focuses on editing articles, screening visuals, and managing overall content; it is formed by the Associate Editor and the Copy Editor.
  • the operations department – handles internal and external matters (financial and management), and is formed by the Managing Director, the Office and Circulations Manager, and the Web Manager

On the other hand, there are eight sections in which the staff members and editors are distributed, namely:

  • News - gathers news and issues inside and outside the campus (headed by the News Editor);
  • Feature - writes special issues related to society and culture (headed by the Feature Editor);
  • Sports - covers sports events participated by the Patriots (team moniker of DLSU-D), and also writes special articles regarding sports (headed by the Sports Editor);
  • Literary - writes literary pieces related to the students and culture (headed by the Literary Editor);
  • Art - provides illustrations, artworks, and comics for various articles and other purposes (headed by the Art Director);
  • Photo - provides photographs for different HF publications (headed by the Chief Photographer);
  • Graphics - produces and maintains the layout and creates graphic artworks (headed by the Graphics and Layout Director); and
  • Web - in charge of assisting in the maintenance of the website, social media accounts, establishing online platforms, and overseeing web content (managed by the Web Manager).

Editorial board and staffEdit

The hierarchy of Editorial Board classification are as follows

  • Editors
  • Coordinators
  • In charges

All three positions manage their respective sections. The editorial screening board is composed of graduating members of the publication, select alumni, and members of the administration who are tasked to appoint which position the editorial applicant is deemed most fit.

Publication adviserEdit

The publication adviser (or technical consultant, in the absence of an adviser) assists the editorial board in the final editing of copy, and also acts as a counsel. HF is not compelled to have an adviser. It is upon the incumbent editorial board's discretion to have a publication adviser or not. The publication adviser must also meet certain credentials and requirements.

Editorial staffEdit

The editorial staff perform their tasks for their respective sections, as well as perform any other tasks assigned to them by the editorial board.

  • Apprentices – are usually new members of HF. They have passed the entrance examinations given by the editorial board, as well as the panel interview.
  • Junior staff – are staff that have passed or exceeded the prescribed requirements of the editorial board necessary for retention. They serve to head the apprentices in their tasks, and are entitled to certain benefits, such as scholarships.
  • Senior staff – are staff that have further passed or exceeded the prescribed requirements of the editorial board and co-staff. Senior staff are those who are deemed worthy and reliable enough to carry heavier duties and responsibilities by their respective Editors. Senior staff can also be former editors who have returned to the position of staff.

Issues coveredEdit

HF maintains its image as DLSU-D's watchdog, reporting mostly on the different issues encountered by the school and its constituents. One such issue was DLSU-D's university-status issue, which caused an uproar among the community. Another issue was during the 2004 student elections when a Halalan article reported on an underground document called Bantayog, which discredited some student leaders, faculty, and administrators. As a result, some of the people denounced in the Bantayog sued the writers of the article and the editorial board for "discrediting them.” HF asserted that they were merely reporting on the issue, and that they had no motive to further discredit the complainants. As a result, the charges against the HF members were dropped.


Aside from publishing newspapers, magazines, etc., HF also holds various seminars, contests, and events, mainly for DLSU-D students. Most of its events are held annually.

Recurring eventsEdit

  • Alipato x Palad Seminar – an art and literary seminar with featured speakers who share their knowledge about the different forms of art and literature and its impact on society.
  • Truth Be Told: Journalism Seminar – began in academic year 2016-2017. A journalism seminar open for DLSU-D students and outsiders.
  • Marahuyo – an event where HF sells their printed artworks from the Alipato. The first Marahuyo was held at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Silang, Cavite. The second Marahuyo was held in SM City Dasmariñas, and the third in La Bella Tagaytay. The online art gallery and shop is also available online. All proceeds go to the One La Salle fund for DLSU-D scholars.

Past eventsEdit

  • Pelikulareal: An I-Witness Documentary Festival – a showcase of documentaries produced by GMA Network's i-Witness, in partnership with HF. Held in January 2005.
  • Who let Abdul out?: A Weeklong Celebration of the Heraldo Filipino's 21 Years of Student Service – a series of seminars and activities, in line with HF's 21 years of foundation. Held in November 2006.
  • Lasallian Schools Press Conference 2007 and 2014 (LSPCon 2007 and 2014) – an annual convention of student journalists from different De La Salle Philippines member schools. Held in DLSU-D on 2007 and 2014.


  • Back to Basics: Campus Journalism Outreach Seminar – an outreach program held at the different schools around Cavite starting in 2016. The project aims to train high school students in the field of responsible campus journalism in order to become nation-building journalists in the future.

Awards receivedEdit

  • 5th Regional Tertiary Schools Press Conference (1997-1998)
    • Best Editorial Page
    • Best in Page Design/Layout
    • First Place in Editorial Cartooning
  • 8th Regional Higher Education Press Conference (1998)
    • 4th Best School Paper of the Year
    • 2nd Best Cover Design
    • 1st Best Editorial Page,
    • 3rd Best News Page
    • 1st Best in Layout/Page Design.
    • 3rd place in Best Magazine (LS)
  • 2nd Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference (2003)
    • Best News
    • Best Editorial
    • Best Feature/Literary Pages
    • Best Page Design
      • LS
        • Best Cover Design
        • Best News Page
        • 2nd Best Sports Page
        • 3rd Best Development Communication and Features Pages
        • 3rd Best Page Design
      • Palad
        • 3rd Best Page Design.
  • Region IV-A Higher Education Press Conference (2001)
    • 2nd Best News Page
    • 2nd Best Opinion/Editorial Page
    • 3rd Best Sports Page
    • 3rd Best Broadsheet categories
    • 4th Best Devcom Page
    • 4th Best Page Design
    • 4th and Best Feature/Literary Page
  • 63rd National CEGP Student Press Convention (2003)
    • two Gawad Ernesto Rodriguez Jr. Awards
    • Best Broadsheet Award
    • Palad winning the Best Literary Folio.
  • 63rd National CEGP Student Press Convention (2007)
    • 1st place Broadsheet category
  • 4th Gawad Karen Dela Cruz
    • 3rd Place Literary Folio (Palad)
    • 1st Place Broadsheet
  • 9th Spectrum Fellowship: Student Campus Press Conference Awards (2012)
    • Palad
      • Best Literary Folio
      • 3rd best Literary Folio design
    • LS
      • 2nd best Magazine Layout
      • 2nd best College Magazine
      • 3rd best Magazine Design
  • Organization of Student Services Educators, Inc (OSSEI) (2014)
    • 3rd Best Tabloid Publication
  • Organization of Student Services Educators, Inc (OSSEI) (2016)
    • Best Opinion Piece
    • Best Feature Article
    • Best Layout
  • Spectrum Fellowship: 5th National Campus Press Conference Awards (2016)
    • 2nd Place Newspaper layout
    • 2nd Place Magazine Layout
    • 2nd Place Newspaper Layout
  • adobo Design Awards Asia (2017)
    • La Salleño – Silver
    • Palad – Bronze
  • 5th Philippine Student Quill Awards (2017)
    • Palad – Award of Excellence
    • JPlay – Award of Excellence
    • Website – Award of Excellence
  • 3rd UST National Campus Journalism Awards (2017)
    • Best Editorial
  • 6th Philippine Student Quill Awards (2018)
    • Truth Be Told – Award of Excellence
    • La Salleño Vol. 25 – Award of Excellence
    • Alipato Vol. 14 – Award of Excellence
    • Website – Award of Excellence
    • Just Play Vol. 10 – Award of Excellence
    • The Heraldo Filipino Broadsheet Vol. 32, Issues 1-3 – Award of Merit
    • Palad Vol. 19 – Award of Merit
  • 4th UST National Campus Journalism Awards (2018)
    • Best Features

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