Helsinge is the municipal seat of Gribskov municipality in Region Hovedstaden on Zealand in Denmark with a population of 8,343 (1 January 2021).[1]

The central pond in Helsinge.


In early 19th century Helsinge was as small as the nearby villages, but it had an inn and a church and the vicar had another parish under him, Valby. Through the 19th century Helsinge grew. In 1840 23% of the 1258 inhabitants in the parish lived in the city, but in 1901 the percentage was 43% of 1647. In the meantime the town had got among other things both a judge (1848), a doctor (1859), a post office (1863), telegraphy (1872) and a railroad (1897).[citation needed]

Helsinge todayEdit

The town was years ago elected the ugliest town in Denmark by a journalist from national television[citation needed], Peter Olesen, which is why among its inhabitants it has the popular name Hæslinge (Hæslig=ugly). Recently a great wall was built as a kind of town portal, but that has got the nickname the Berlin Wall, because it divides the space in an unfortunate way.[citation needed]

Notable peopleEdit

Thor Pedersen, 2006
  • Christiern Pedersen (c.1480 – 1554 in Helsinge) a canon, humanist scholar, writer, printer and publisher [2]
  • Jens Poul Andersen (1844 in Huseby, near Annisse – 1935) an inventor, constructed cameras
  • Niels Fennet (born 1944 in Valby, near Helsinge) an engineer and businessman, founded Cabinn Hotels
  • Thor Pedersen (born 1945) politician, member of Helsinge Municipal Council 1974-1986, Mayor 1978-1986, member of Folketinget & Government Minister.
  • Bente Hammer (born 1950) a textile artist and fashion designer, moved to Bornholm in 1987
  • Anders Bircow (born 1951) a Danish actor and comedian [3]
  • Yuko Takada Keller (born 1958) an artist, curator and essayist based in Helsinge since 1997
  • Christian Brøns (born 1977 in Kagerup, near Helsinge) a Danish singer


Rolf Sørensen, 1998

International relationsEdit

Twin towns — Sister citiesEdit

Helsinge is twinned with:


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Coordinates: 56°01′N 12°11′E / 56.017°N 12.183°E / 56.017; 12.183