Hell River, also known as Partisans (Serbo-Croatian: Partizani / Партизани) and The Last Guerilla, is a 1974 Yugoslav partisan film starring Rod Taylor as a Yugoslav raised in America who returns home to fight the Germans as a Partisan in World War II. Adam West plays a German officer.

Hell River
Directed byStole Jankovic
Written byStole Jankovic
Produced byIka Panajotovic
StarringRod Taylor
Adam West
Xenia Gratsos
Bata Živojinović
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)
Budget$2 million[1]

The film was shot on location in Yugoslavia, and claims to be based on a true story. There are several versions, including an original three-hour cut made for Yugoslavian television, and a feature-length version for the American market. Rod Taylor was involved in rewriting and shooting some additional scenes during post production.[1]



The producer, Ika Panajotovic, was a lawyer and former tennis player who represented Yugoslavia in the Davis Cup and reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon.[2]

Footage from Hell River was used in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, reedited to feature Leonardo Dicaprio.


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