Hekkingen Lighthouse

Hekkingen Lighthouse (Norwegian: Hekkingen fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located in the Malangen fjord in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. It was first lit in 1859. The lighthouse was listed as a protected site in 2000.[2]

Hekkingen Lighthouse
Hekkingen fyrstasjon
Hekkingen 3.jpg
View of the lighthouse
Location of the lighthouse
LocationTroms og Finnmark, Norway
Coordinates69°36′06″N 17°49′47″E / 69.6016°N 17.8298°E / 69.6016; 17.8298Coordinates: 69°36′06″N 17°49′47″E / 69.6016°N 17.8298°E / 69.6016; 17.8298
Height10 metres (33 ft)
ShapeTrapezoidal tower attached to the keeper's house
MarkingsWhite with red top
Heritageheritage site in Norway Edit this on Wikidata
RaconEdit this on Wikidata
Focal height23 metres (75 ft)
Intensity27,000 candela
Range14.6 nmi (27.0 km; 16.8 mi)
CharacteristicOc WRG (2) 8s
Norway no.862500
Hekkingen Lighthouse

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