Heart Attack (2014 film)

Heart Attack is 2014 Indian Telugu-language romantic action film written, directed and produced by Puri Jagannadh under the banner Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies. The film stars Nithiin, Adah Sharma in lead roles with Nicole Amy Madell in an extended cameo appearance and Vikramjeet Virk as the antagonist. Anoop Rubens composed the soundtrack for the film. The film released on 31 January 2014 worldwide to mixed to positive reviews from the critics,[1] but was a commercial success, grossing 40 crore (US$5.3 million) in 50 Days.[2]

Heart Attack
Heart Attack film poster.jpg
Movie Poster
Directed byPuri Jagannadh
Written byPuri Jagannadh
Produced byPuri Jagannadh
CinematographyAmol Rathod
Edited byS. R. Shekhar
Music byAnup Rubens
Distributed byVaishno Academy
Release date
  • 31 January 2014 (2014-01-31)
Running time
140 min
Budget13.5 crore (US$1.8 million)
Box office40.00 crore (US$5.3 million)


The film starts in Goa with the henchmen of Don Makrand Kamati (Vikramjeet Virk) kidnapping a girl at the beach and turning her into a slave for sale after injecting drugs into her. When police officer Madhusudhan (Devan) catches the slaves and drugs racket, Makarand and his henchman (Ajaz Khan) interfere with him while speaking to the Media. They injure the honest Madhusudhan and turn him into an immobile person. Thus their trade continues. The film then shifts to a time a year later where Varun (Nithiin) is shown roaming in the locales of Spain. Varun is a hippie kind of vagabond wandering all over the world. He lost his parents in his childhood when he was at America. Calling himself a free soul, he never believes in relationships and earns his living by working in part-time jobs he finds in Craigslist and rests at nights on the roads with some kitchen equipment to cook food. Now he is in Spain, and there he comes across Hayathi (Adah Sharma), an Indian who arrived to Spain to meet her friend Priya (Kesha Khambati).

In order to capture her attention, Varun pretends to suffer with a Heart Attack and later takes her phone number but fails to know her name. Hayathi came to Spain to convince Priya's father, ISKCON Ramana (Brahmanandam), a staunch Krishna devotee and person having hatred for Love and Lovers, to accept the Love marriage of Priya and Haridas (Hari Das), an African musician. After much chasing and teasing, Varun asks Hayathi to give him a deep lip lock, for which she denies and slaps him. Thus he keeps a stipulation that if Varun makes Ramana accept the marriage of the lovers, Hayathi has to kiss him. Varun wins the challenge, and as per stipulation, Hayathi has to kiss him. On a separate note, Varun also exposes the drug racket of Makarand. After fighting with Makarand's men Ammu (Ajay) and others at the arena, he locks lips with Hayathi for a duration for more than an hour. But that lip lock, too had a condition from Hayathi. When Varun asks for the condition, Hayathi levies a condition that Varun should never meet her at any cost as she is heartbroken since she was madly in love with Varun and he has no belief in relationships.

Varun leaves for Romania, where he meets a girl Chitrangada (Nicole Amy Madell), who also has a similar mindset. After spending some quality time with her, Varun realizes that he is indeed in love with Hayathi. After getting a strong moral support from Chitrangada, Varun desperately goes to Priya's home, where he finds a slip in which it is written that Hayathi is in Goa. When he reaches Goa, with the help of a Rajinikanth fan (Ali), a mobile food selling trader, Varun tracks down Hayathi, and when he meets her, he faces a strong rejection from Hayati that the time is up. Varun desperately tries to speak with her, but Makarand, Ammu and his men come and intervene, saying that Hayathi is Makarand's would-be wife. Actually, Hayati is Madhusudhan's daughter, and in order to meet the expenses of her father's medication, Hayathi accepts marriage with Makarand without knowing the fact that Makarand was the reason for her father's hospitalization. Varun kills Ammu and talks with Makarand as he comes to know this and slaps Hayathi and asks the reason to part with him and hiding the facts. She replies that her problems would ruin Varun's happiness which he enjoys as a free soul.

Varun is in need of 5 million rupees, and he meets Prakash Raj (Prakash Raj), an influential person who offers Varun an amount of 20 million rupees and asks him to save his daughter, who is kidnapped by Makarand as a part of his slave trade. Varun enters Makarand's den, where he sees that Hayathi is also going to be a part of Makarand's trade, and already drugs are injected into her body. While Varun is fighting with Makarand and his men, he is also injected with a drug injection, and before losing consciousness, Varun slits Makarand's throat with a blade and kills him. Madhusudhan recovers from his injuries, Prakash Raj is happy with his daughter reaching him safely, and the film ends with Varun and Hayathi reconciling and planning their Honeymoon after receiving flight trip tickets and money from Prakash Raj.



Nithiin grew his hair out for the film.[3]


The Times of India gave a review stating, "The cinematography and music is what makes it seem much better than it really is. The visuals are breathtakingly beautiful. ... you'll be fine as long as you don't try to make sense of it all" and rated the film 3/5.[4] Bangalore Mirror gave a review stating "If you are watching this film, then you can be sure of not getting a heart attack though you may be at the risk of having a headache. We really wonder if it's the same Puri Jagannadh who came up with a film like Heart Attack. Leave the story, there is hardly any comedy despite Ali trying his routine comedy strip, the even punch dialogues seem to have gone for a toss."[5] Oneindia Entertainment gave a review stating, "Puri Jagannadh has opted for a routine romance drama, but he has written an engaging screenplay for Heart Attack, which has fare amount of twists and turns to keep you glued on to the screen. The director, who is master in making formulaic movies, managed to include commercial ingredients like romance, action, comedy, dialogues and family drama, which will definitely impress all classes of audience." and rated the film 3/5.[6] IndiaGlitz gave a review stating "'Heart Attack' hit the screens as a favorite this season. The film doesn't disappoint and lives up to the expectations. An entertaining youthful romantic-comedy with loads of action."[7]


Heart Attack
Soundtrack album by
Released9 January 2014
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelPuri Sangeet
ProducerAnup Rubens
Anup Rubens chronology
Bhimavaram Bullodu
Heart Attack
Autonagar Surya

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Anup Rubens. The audio CDs are released into the market through Puri Sangeet. The audio launch of the film held in Bangkok on 9 January 2014.

All lyrics are written by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar.

Track listing
1."Nuvvante Naaku"Jassie Gift03:45
2."Thuhi Hai Thuhi"Anup Rubens, Smitha Belluri03:54
3."Ra Ra Vasthava"Chaitra Ambadipudi, Santosh03:42
4."Selavanuko"Chaitra Ambadipudi03:45
5."That's All Right Mam"Anup Rubens, Tippu04:09
6."Chupinchandey"Rahul Nambiar04:21
7."Endhukila Nannu Vedhisthunavey"Kunal Ganjawala04:02
Total length:27:42


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