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Hausmann is a German word with former meanings "householder" and "freeholder" and current meaning "house-husband."

Hausmann (Hausman), Haussmann (Haussman), Haußmann, Hauszmann, etc. are German-origin surnames that may refer to:




Haussmann, Haußmann or HauszmannEdit

Two prominent German families bear this name or variants.

Haußmann of OberboihingenEdit

The first prominent German family called Haußmann originated in Reudern, near Oberboihingen in Württemberg, the earliest known member being Hans Haußmann, born circa 1450, died before 1526. From this family descended several politicians and actors. Descendants of his sons, who resided in Oberboihingen, include:

Haußmann of Bad TennstedtEdit

The other family originated in Bad Tennstedt with the mason Hans Haussmann (1582–1636); a branch of the family migrated to Colmar, the best known of whom is Georges-Eugène Haussmann (1809–1891).

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