Leander Haußmann

Leander Haußmann upon leaving as director of the Bochum Theatre, June 2000

Leander Haußmann (sometimes Haussmann) (born 26 June 1959, Quedlinburg) is a German theatre and film director.

The son of actor Ezard Haußmann and costume designer Doris Haußmann,[1] he attended the Ernst Busch theatre school in Berlin.

Haußmann was the theatre director of the city theatre in Bochum (Schauspielhaus Bochum). He also wrote and acted in several plays (1995-2000), and had a role in the Detlev Buck film, Männerpension. His feature film breakthrough came with Sonnenallee in 1999. His second feature, Herr Lehmann, followed in 2003. His production of Die Fledermaus in Munich was controversial, compounding the trouble surrounding his production of Peter Pan. As a result, his scheduled production of Romeo and Juliet was cancelled.



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