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Hatzeva (Hebrew: חֲצֵבָה‬) is a moshav in southern Israel. Located in the Arava, 12 km north of Ein Yahav, it falls under the jurisdiction of Central Arava Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 584.[1]

A house in Hatzeva
A house in Hatzeva
Hatzeva is located in Southern Negev region of Israel
Coordinates: 30°46′3.72″N 35°16′48.72″E / 30.7677000°N 35.2802000°E / 30.7677000; 35.2802000Coordinates: 30°46′3.72″N 35°16′48.72″E / 30.7677000°N 35.2802000°E / 30.7677000; 35.2802000
District Southern
Council Central Arava
Affiliation Moshavim movement
Founded 1968
Population (2017)[1] 584


Hatzeva was founded in 1965 as a Nahal settlement near the Arava Road and became a moshav in 1968. It was named after the nearby Hatzeva Fortress. In 1971 its location changed slightly. Near the moshav's access road lies the Hatzeva field school (Gidron), located where the moshav was until 1971.[2]


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