Hasan Khan Mewati

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Raja Hasan Khan Mewati (died 17 March 1527), son of the previous ruler Khanzada Alawal Khan, was a Muslim Rajput ruler of Mewat State. His dynasty had ruled Mewat State for nearly 200 years. He was a descendant of Raja Nahar Khan Mewati, who was the Wali of Mewat in 14th century. He re-constructed the Alwar fort in 15th century. He joined the Rajput Confederation with 5,000 allies in the Battle of Khanwa, where he was killed in the battle by Mughal forces led by Babur.[1]

Hasan Khan Mewati
Raja Hasan Khan Mewati
PredecessorKhanzada Alawal Khan
SuccessorPost Abolished
HouseKhanzada Rajput Mayo
FatherKhanzada Alawal Khan


Preceded by Shah-e-Mewat
Succeeded by
Post abolished


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