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Mirza Hashem Amoli (Persian: میرزا هاشم آملی‎) was an Iranian Shia Marja' and scholar of jurisprudence.

Mirza Hashem Amoli
میرزا هاشم آملی
Hashem Amoli.jpg
Grand Ayatollah Mirza Hashem Amoli
Born26 February 1899
Died25 February 1993(1993-02-25) (aged 93)
Burial placeFatima Masumeh Shrine
Other namesPersian: میرزا هاشم آملی



Hashem Amoli was born on 26 February 1899 in the Pardameh village of Larijan, Mazandaran province. He studied Islamic sciences in Amol, Tehran, and Qom. In Tehran, he studied in Sepahsalar school which managed by Hassan Modarres. In 1926, he went to Qom and stayed for six years. Mirza Hashem Amoli achieved his Ijtihad degree from Abdul-Karim Ha'eri Yazdi and Muhammad Hujjat Kuh-Kamari. After that Amoli migrated to Najaf seminary and stayed there for thirty years. He moved back to Qom around 1963.[1]

Amoli was the father of one daughter and five sons (Ali Larijani, Sadegh Larijani, Mohammad Javad Larijani, Bagher Larijani, Fazel Larijani), which have held positions in the government of Islamic Republic of Iran.[1]




Mirza Hashem Amoli died on 25 February 1993.[1]

Ayatollah Amoli UniversityEdit

In 1999, Ayatollah Amoli University founded and named after death of Mirza Hashem Amoli in the Amol. The land of university donated by Hashem Amoli when he was alive and declared this land for promoting knowledge.[2]

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