Harvey Braban

Braban as Florizel in a stage production of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, c. 1910[1]

Harvey Braban (19 May 1883, in Brighton, Sussex, UK – 1943) was a British stage actor.[2] He also appeared in films between 1920–1938.[3]

Braban performed regularly in West End plays, and also occasionally on Broadway.[2][4] From 1920 he began appearing in silent films made by the leading British studios Stoll Pictures and the Ideal Film Company. Braban played the Chief Inspector in Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929) and thereafter often portrayed policemen or other official figures of authority on screen.[5] One of his final roles was that of the Victorian Prime Minister Lord Salisbury in the 1938 film Sixty Glorious Years.[6][3]

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