Harun Thohir

Lance Corporal Harun Thohir (alias Harun Said Muhammad Ali) (1947-1968) is now regarded as a National Hero of Indonesia,[1] and known for his role in MacDonald House bombing in Singapore on 10 March 1965, alongside his partner, Usman Harun (alias Janatin), during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation.

Harun Thohir
Born(1947-04-04)4 April 1947
Bawean Island ,Gresik, East Java
Died17 October 1968(1968-10-17) (aged 25)
Criminal charge(s)Murder
Criminal penaltyExecution by hanging
Criminal statusExecuted
AwardsNational Hero of Indonesia

Following his arrest and trial for the attack, which resulted in civilian casualties of 3 deaths and 33 injuries,[2][3] Thohir, together with Usman was sentenced to death on October 1968, and later buried in Kalibata Heroes' Cemetery, Jakarta. Both of them were later honored as the National Hero of Indonesia. In 2014, one of the ships of the Bung Tomo-class corvette by the Indonesian Navy was named after him and Usman, the KRI Usman-Harun. The name however, causes controversy between Indonesia and Singapore, and Singaporean government banned the ship named from berthing at their port or entering Singapore waters.[4][5][6]


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