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Hardwicke House is a seven episode sitcom produced by Central Independent Television for the ITV network, originally produced in the beginning of 1987. It was so negatively received, only the first two episodes were transmitted, in February 1987.

Hardwicke House
Created byPaula Burdon
Written byRichard Hall
Simon Wright
Directed byJohn Stroud
StarringRoy Kinnear
Pam Ferris
Duncan Preston
Theme music composerPeter Brewis
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series1
No. of episodes2 (+ five untransmitted)
Producer(s)Paula Burdon
Running time1 x 50 minutes (Episode 1), 6 x 25 minutes (Episodes 2–7)
Original networkITV
Original release24 February –
25 February 1987

Plot and episode titlesEdit

The series is set in the large comprehensive school of the title, the staff of which are as dysfunctional as the pupils. One teacher is a multiple murderer, while the deputy headmaster lusts after male pupils. One teacher, Moose Magnusson, is on an extended exchange placement, because his own school in Iceland refuses to have him back.

  • Episode 1 – The Visit (24 February 1987)
  • Episode 2 – The First Day of Term (25 February 1987)
  • Episode 3 – Interview Day ("scheduled" for 4 March 1987)[1]
  • Episode 4 – Prize Giving ("scheduled" for 11 March 1987)[2]
  • Episode 5 – Old Boys ("scheduled" for 18 March 1987)[3]
  • Episode 6 – Inspector Calls ("scheduled" for 25 March 1987)[4]
  • Episode 7 – Passion Play ("scheduled" for 1 April 1987)[5]

Production and curtailed broadcastEdit

The series was extensively trailed, and also mentioned on the front cover of the TV Times for the week of the first two episodes, a double length premiere and a "regular" episode, which were shown on consecutive Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Later episodes were scheduled for subsequent Wednesdays, but the public and press outcry against the series was so great, that the series was pulled and replaced with repeats of Chance in a Million before the third episode was aired. The decision to pull the show was taken at such short notice that TV Times was unable to change its listings and Hardwicke House feature.

As of December 2019, all seven episodes have been available to watch on YouTube.

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