Hanyang Women's University

Hanyang Women's University is a private college in South Korea. The campus is located in Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu in Seoul.

Hanyang Women's University
한양여자대학교 (漢陽女子大學校)
Former names
Hanyang Women's Vocational School (1974–1978)
Hanyang Women's Junior College (1979–1998)
MottoDedication, Integrity, Humility and Service
EstablishedDecember 20, 1974
South Korea
AthleticsWomen's football
Websitewww.hywoman.ac.kr (Korean)
www.hywoman.ac.kr/english (English)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHanyang yeoja daehakgyo
McCune–ReischauerHanyang yŏja taehakkyo


The school began in 1974 as Hanyang Women's Vocational School. The school was upgraded to the status of Junior College, thus renamed as Hanyang Women's Junior College in 1978. The college was renamed as "Hanyang Women's College" in 1998.

University's current situationEdit

In September 2003, university established the Management System Research Institute and the Industry-University Cooperation Support Center. In November, 2008, the Department of Social Physical Education and Practical Music was selected as the best department of department evaluation from the Korea College of Education. In February 2010, Hanyang women's University was established as an affiliate organization. In July 2013, it opened an art museum and was selected as an excellent university for the education capacity enhancement project by the Ministry of Education.[1]


  • Division of Technology
    • Department of Computer Science & Information Systems
    • Department of Internet Informatics
    • Department of Apparel Design
    • Department of Knit Fashion Design
    • Department of Textile Design
  • Division of Natural Sciences
    • Department of Food & Nutrition
    • Department of Food Service Industry
    • Department of Dental Hygiene
    • Department of Public Health Administration
  • Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Department of Early Childhood Education
    • Department of International Tourism
    • Department of English
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Tax and Accounting
    • Department of Woman Resources Development
    • Department of Japanese Interpretation
    • Department of Chinese
    • Department of Child Education & Welfare
  • Division of Arts & Sports
    • Department of Industrial Design
    • Department of Interior Design
    • Department of Illustration
    • Department of Visual Media Design
    • Department of Ceramic Arts
    • Department of Creative Writing
    • Department of Sport & Leisure Studies
    • Department of Broadcasting & Visual Image Design
    • Department of Applied Music

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