Hantili II

See also Hantili I.

Hantili II was a king of the Hittites (Middle Kingdom), ca. mid 15th century BC (short chronology timeline).

Hantili II
SuccessorZidanta II
RelativesZidanta II (possibly nephew)


Hantili was a son of King Alluwamna, as attested in a land grant document from Alluwamna to his son, Hantili.[1] His mother was likely Queen Harapšeki, the daughter of the King Telipinu. Hantili is mentioned on the offering lists right after Alluwamna. The later king Zidanta II was possibly Hantili's nephew.[2]

Hantili was the first great king in several generations to receive the royal blood from his father.[3]

There is an alliance treaty with the king Paddatishu of Kizzuwatna with an unnamed Hittite king, who could be either Hantili II or his father Aluwamna.[1] It is unclear, though, whether Hantili reigned right after Alluwamna, or if an interloper Tahurwaili reigned in between. It is also possible that Tahurwaili reigned after Hantili II. Most likely, though, that Tahurwaili reigned before Aluwamna, and Hantili was succeeded by Zidanta II[4]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Hittite king
ca. mid 15th century BC
Succeeded by
Zidanta II