Alluwamna was a king of the Hittites (Middle Kingdom), ca. mid-15th century BC (short chronology timeline). He might be a successor of Telipinu as his son-in-law,[4][5] after the reign of Tahurwaili.[1]

King Alluwamna of the Hittites
PredecessorTahurwaili[1] or Telipinu[2]
SuccessorHantili II
ChildrenHantili II[3]


The wife of Alluwamna was called Harapšeki. Her father was Telipinu. The son of Alluwamna, who later became a king, was Hantili II.


Alluwamna's reign is attested by a seal (SBo I.86) named the Tabarna seal. As a son-in-law of Telepinu (married to his first-rank daughter Harapšeki), Alluwamna would have been first in line for the throne. However, Telepinu banished him and his wife to Malitashkur [5](see KUB 26:77), and so it is possible that he did not come to the throne right after Telepinu's death, but rather after the reign of Tahurwaili, first cousin of Telipinu[1] One text of Alluwamna records the granting of land to his son and likely successor Hantili II.[6]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Tahurwaili or Telipinu
Hittite king
ca. mid 15th century BC
Succeeded by
Hantili II