Hans Joachim Schaufuß

Hans Joachim Schaufuß (transliterated: Schaufuss) (28 December 1918 – 27 October 1941) was a German actor. Schaufuß began as a child actor, appearing in Emil and the Detectives (1931) and The White Demon (1932).[1] From the mid-1930s he began to appear in more mature roles. He was killed in Oryol in the Soviet Union while serving on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

Hans Joachim Schaufuß
Born28 December 1918
Died27 October 1941 (1941-10-28) (aged 22)
Cause of deathKilled in action
Other namesHans Joachim Schaufuss
Hans Schaufuß
Years active1931–1940
Parent(s)Hans Hermann Schaufuß (father)


Schaufuß was the son of stage and film actor Hans Hermann Schaufuß and the older brother of actor Peter-Timm Schaufuß. Following his role in Emil and the Detectives, from the mid-1930s he began to appear in more mature film roles.

Schaufuß would be one of three young actors from Emil and the Detectives to be killed while serving in the military in World War II. Co-stars Rolf Wenkhaus would be killed in action at age 24 in January 1942 off the coast of Ireland with an aircrew that specialized in attacking Allied shipping and Hans Albrecht Löhr would be killed in action at age 21 in August 1942 on the Eastern Front.[2]

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