Hanno Kompus

Hanno Kompus (real name Johannes Kompus, pseudonym HaKo; 4 March 1890 Rannu Parish, Tartu County – 25 October 1974 Montreal, Canada) was an Estonian art and theatre critic, art historian, theatre director and architect.[1]

In 1918, he graduated from Riga Polytechnical Institute. In 1918 he participated on Estonian War of Independence. 1920-1922 he worked at Estonia Theatre. 1923-1936 he was an operatic director at Estonia Theatre. From 1936 until 1940, he worked at Riigi Ringhääling (State Broadcasting). Following the Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1944, he fled to Sweden, where he where he designed a number of small houses around Stockholm, illustrated Estonian language books and worked at several small Estonian language refugee and expatriate theatres. In 1951, he emigrated to Canada, where he established the Montreali Eesti Teater, where he acted as both a director and an actor.[1]

Theatre productionsEdit

  • Wagner's "Lohengrin" (1927)
  • Aav's "Vikerlased" (1928)
  • Nicolai's "Windsori lõbusad naised" (1930)
  • Vedro's "Kaupo" (1932)
  • Mozart's "Võluflööt" (1936)


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