Hamilton (1998 film)

Hamilton is a 1998 Swedish action film directed by Harald Zwart and starring Peter Stormare, Mark Hamill and Lena Olin. The film was edited with additional scenes into a 3 hour long TV-series in 2001. The 1998 single "No Man's Land" by Ardis was included in the soundtrack to this film.

Finnish DVD cover
Directed byHarald Zwart
Produced byIngemar Leijonborg
Hans Lönnerheden
Screenplay byWilliam Aldridge
Jonas Cornell
Based onHamilton
by Jan Guillou
StarringPeter Stormare
Lena Olin
Mark Hamill
Terry Carter
Music byTrond Bjerknes
CinematographyJérôme Robert
Edited byDarek Hodor
Distributed byBuena Vista International
TV4 (Sweden)
Release date
  • January 30, 1998 (1998-01-30)
Running time
128 minutes
186 minutes (TV version)


Swedish military intelligence officers Carl Hamilton (Peter Stormare) and Åke Stålhandske (Mats Långbacka) are ordered to eliminate a band of Russian smugglers on the Russian tundra. The smugglers possess a nuclear missile, a 1.5 megaton SS-20, "enough to turn Paris, Washington or New York to ashes". What they do not know is that the smugglers they have intercepted were only a decoy, while the real missile was shipped to Libya. Mike Hawkins (Mark Hamill), the film's antagonist, is an American former CIA officer working in Murmansk, who is also looking for the nuclear missile and joins Hamilton's team.



The Statoil company paid 500,000 NOK ($USD67,000) for their logo to be displayed for three seconds in the film.[citation needed] Mark Hamill accidentally hit Peter Stormare during the last fight scene.

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