Hamilton-Gordon executive council of Ceylon

The Hamilton-Gordon executive council was 11th executive council of British Ceylon. The government was led by Governor Arthur Hamilton-Gordon.

Hamilton-Gordon executive council of Ceylon

11th Cabinet of British Ceylon
Date formed3 December 1883
Date dissolved28 May 1890
People and organisations
Head of stateQueen Victoria
Head of governmentArthur Hamilton-Gordon
No. of ministers6
Ministers removed5
Total no. of members11
PredecessorLongden executive council of Ceylon
SuccessorHavelock executive council of Ceylon

Executive council members Edit

Portrait Member of Council Office Took office Left office Notes
  Arthur Hamilton-Gordon Governor 3 December 1883 28 May 1890
John Douglas Colonial Secretary 3 December 1883 1885 Replaced by Cecil Clementi Smith
Cecil Clementi Smith 17 November 1885 1887 Replaced by Edward Noël Walker
Edward Noël Walker 10 November 1887 28 May 1890
Major general William Wilby Commander of Troops 3 December 1883 1886 Replaced by Francis Conninsby Hannan Clarke
Lieutenant colonel Francis Conninsby Hannan Clarke Commander of the Ceylon Volunteers 20 April 1888 28 May 1890
Francis Flemming Attorney General 3 December 1883 1886 Replaced by Samuel Grenier
Samuel Grenier 30 September 1886 28 May 1890
W. H. Ravenscroft Auditor General 3 December 1883 28 May 1890
William D. Wright Treasurer 3 December 1883 1886 Replaced by George Thomas Michael O'Brien
George Thomas Michael O'Brien 6 August 1886 1890

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