Havelock executive council of Ceylon

The Havelock executive council was 12th executive council of British Ceylon. The government was led by Governor Arthur Havelock.

Havelock executive council of Ceylon
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12th Cabinet of British Ceylon
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Date formed28 May 1890
Date dissolved24 October 1895
People and organisations
Head of stateQueen Victoria
Head of governmentArthur Havelock
No. of ministers6
Total no. of members12
PredecessorHamilton-Gordon executive council of Ceylon
SuccessorRidgeway executive council of Ceylon

Executive council membersEdit

Portrait Member of Council Office Took office Left office Notes
  Arthur Havelock Governor 28 May 1890 24 October 1895
Edward Noël Walker Colonial Secretary 28 May 1890 24 October 1895
Lieutenant colonel Francis Conninsby Hannan Clarke Commander of the Ceylon Volunteers 28 May 1890 27 August 1893 Replaced by Henry Byrde
Lieutenant colonel Henry Byrde 28 August 1893 24 October 1895
Samuel Grenier Attorney General 28 May 1890 1892 Replaced by Charles Layard
Charles Layard 1 November 1892 24 October 1895
W. H. Ravenscroft Auditor General 28 May 1890 18 October 1890 Replaced by George Thomas Michael O'Brien
George Thomas Michael O'Brien 18 October 1890 31 July 1891 Replaced by J. A. Swettenham
J. A. Swettenham 31 July 1891 10 June 1895 Replaced by J. A. Taylor
William Thomas Taylor 10 June 1895 24 October 1895
George Thomas Michael O'Brien Treasurer 28 May 1890 1890 Replaced by Frederick Richard Saunders
Frederick Richard Saunders 18 October 1890 24 October 1895

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