The Haima Family is a compact sedan and hatchback produced by the Chinese manufacturer Haima Automobile. The model was introduced in 2003.

Haima Family
Haima Family III Turbo 02 China 2016-04-01.jpg
Also calledHaima Happin
Haima 3
AssemblyHainan, China
Body and chassis
ClassCompact car
Small family car
Body stylesedan (2003–2015)
hatchback (2007–2012)
LayoutFF layout
PredecessorMazda 323
SuccessorHaima Familia M5
Haima M6

Haima Family (2003–2007)Edit

First generation Haima Family

The first generation Haima Family was a badge engineered version of the eighth generation Mazda 323 with completely redesigned front and rear ends sold in China by Haima Automobile.

Haima HappinEdit

Haima Happin

Haima Happin pre-facelift (Rebadged Mazda 323)
Haima Happin facelift

An identical model was also available at the same time originally rebadged as the Haima Happin (海福星, Haifuxing) wearing exactly the same front bumper as the Mazda 323 at launch, but later had a facelift that features redesigned front and rear bumpers and new lamps to differentiate from the Mazda design with prices ranging from 59,800 yuan to 66,800 yuan.[1]

Haima Family II (2007–2013)Edit

Pre-facelift Haima Family II
Haima Family II facelift sedan front
Haima Family II facelift sedan rear
Haima Family II facelift hatchback

The second generation Haima Family was originally launched as the Haima 3 based off the same platform as the first generation Mazda 3. However, the model was renamed to Haima Family after the 2011 facelift with prices starting from 76,800 yuan to 98,800 yuan.[2]

Haima Family III (2013–present)Edit

Haima Family III front
Haima Family III rear

The third generation Haima Family was only available in sedan from, and was originally sold as the Haima Family or Haima Familia (福美来) in some parts of the world featuring a brand new design. However, the model was renamed to Haima Familia M5 or Haima M5 after the facelift in 2014, putting an end to the Haima Family nameplate.[3]


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