Hørring cabinet

The Hørring cabinet was formed on 7 August 1897 and consisted entirely of members of the party Højre. It was created following Tage Reedtz-Thott's resignation as Council President, when Hugo Egmont Hørring of the conservative party Højre became the leader of the new Danish cabinet, replacing the Cabinet of Reedtz-Thott.

Cabinet of Hørring
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20th Cabinet of Denmark
Hørring HE.jpg
Date formed23 May 1897 (1897-05-23)
Date dissolved27 April 1900 (1900-04-27)
People and organisations
Head of stateChristian IX
Head of governmentHugo Egmont Hørring
No. of ministers7
Total no. of members9
Legislature term(s)1895–1899

The cabinet was replaced by the Sehested cabinet on 27 April 1900.

List of ministers and portfoliosEdit

The cabinet consisted of these ministers:[1]

Some of the terms in the table begin before 7 August 1897 or end after 27 April 1900 because the minister was in the Reedtz-Thott or Sehested cabinet as well.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office
Council President &
Minister for Finance
7 August 189727 April 1900
Minister of Justice &
Minister for Iceland
23 May 189628 August 1899
28 August 189927 April 1900
Minister of War7 August 189728 August 1899
28 August 189924 July 1901
Minister of the Navy &
Minister of Foreign Affairs
4 January 187927 April 1900
Kultus Minister7 August 189727 April 1900
Minister of the Interior7 August 189728 August 1899
28 August 189924 July 1901
Minister for Agriculture7 August 189727 April 1900


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1897 – 1900
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