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Gumdrops are a type of candy. They are brightly colored pectin-based pieces, shaped like a narrow dome (sometimes with a flattened top), and often coated in granulated sugar. They come in (usually artificial) fruit and spice flavors; the latter are also known as spice drops.

Glowing gumdrops.jpg
Type Confectionery
Main ingredients pectin, granulated sugar, flavoring
Variations Spice drops
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Gumdrops, spice drops, and their variations are used in baking, candy crafting, decorating, and for eating out of hand to mouth. They are often used for decorating cakes and cupcakes. Around Christmas time, this candy is an ingredient used in making gingerbread houses, amongst other confections. These candies are similar to Dots.[1]

In popular cultureEdit

The Apollo 9 Command module was nicknamed "Gumdrop".[2]

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