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Guiraut d'Espanha (Old Occitan [ɡiˈɾawd desˈpaɲa][1] or de Tholoza (fl. 1245–1265) was of the last generation of troubadours, working in Provence at the court of Charles of Anjou and Countess Beatrice.[2] Many of his poems were addressed to Beatrice.[2] Guiraut was either from Spain or Toulouse—the manuscripts differ—but ten of his dansas, a pastorela, and a baladeta survive.[2] One of his dansas, Ben volgra s'esser poges, survives with a melody.[2] It begins:

Ben volgra, s'esser poges
c'amors si gardes d'aytan
que non feses fin ayman
chausir en luec que.l plages.
I really wish, if possible,
that Love would take care
not to make a true lover
chose what pleases Love itself.[3]

And ends:

Dansa, car ieu ay apres
que.l reys Karles fay gent chan,
per aquo as el ti man
car de fin pres es apres
Dance, since I have learned that
King Charles composes noble songs.
I send you to him,
for he is of true merit.[4]

He also wrote Per amor soi gai.


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