Grupo de Acción Rápida

Grupo de Acción Rápida (GAR) (English: Rapid Action Group) is the rural police tactical unit of the Spanish Civil Guard (Spanish: Guardia Civil).[3][4]

Rapid Action Group
Grupo de Acción Rápida  (Spanish)
Coat of Arms of the Guardia Civil's Rapid Reaction Group.svg
AgencyGuardia Civil
TypePolice tactical unit
Part ofJefatura de Unidades Especiales y de Reserva[2]
AgentsApprox. 500[3]
Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Gayoso Rey[3]

Tracing its origins to the Unidad Antiterrorista Rural (UAR) formed in April 1978.[5] The Grupo Antiterrorista Rural was formed in 1982 and later renamed to Grupo de Acción Rápida.[1] It is based in Logroño.[6]

Initially aimed to counter ETA, since 1998 it has re-oriented towards international deployments, taking part in NATO, United Nations and European Union missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Haiti and the Central African Republic.[6]

Applicants to GAR have to complete over five months of training with between 25% and 30% completing the course.[7]

Firearms used include the Heckler & Koch USP Compact 9×19mm, Heckler & Koch MP5 9×19mm and the Heckler & Koch HK417 7.62×51mm respectively.

Members of the unit during the staging a mannequin challenge video.


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