Gruffydd II ap Madog, Lord of Dinas Bran

Gruffydd Maelor II (died 1269) was Prince of Powys Fadog.


He was the eldest son of Madog ap Gruffydd Maelor and inherited his father's lands and title in partial succession along with his four brothers Gruffydd Ial, Maredudd, Hywel and Madog Fychan.

The Kingdom of Powys Fadog had previously been unified under one leader but now had five and was subjected to outside forces as well.


He married Emma (1224 - c1278), daughter of Henry de Audley and of Bertrade Mainwaring.

Death & IssueEdit

He died in 1269 (or 1270) leaving issue:

Powys Fadog was divided, in accordance with Welsh custom, between his sons:


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