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The Greek Basketball Cup MVP, or Greek Basketball Cup Finals MVP, is an annual award that is given to the most valuable player of the Greek Basketball Cup, which is the top-tier national domestic professional men's basketball cup competition in the country of Greece. The Greek Basketball Cup is contested between teams from the 1st-tier level Greek Basket League, the 2nd-tier level Greek A2 Basket League, and the third-tier level Greek B Basket League.


Greek Basketball Cup Finals game top scorers and MVPsEdit

Since the first Greek Cup in 1976, the Top Scorer of the Greek Cup Finals is given an award, regardless of whether he plays on the winning or losing team. Since 1995, an MVP is also named at the conclusion of the finals.

(X) Denotes the number of multiple times that the player was the Top Scorer or MVP.
Season Greek Cup Finals Top Scorer Club Greek Cup Finals MVP Club
1975–76   Georgios Kastrinakis Olympiacos
1976–77   Steve Giatzoglou Olympiacos
1977–78   Steve Giatzoglou (2×) Olympiacos
1978–79   Steve Giatzoglou (3×) Olympiacos
1979–80   Steve Giatzoglou (4×) &   Georgios Kastrinakis (2×) Olympiacos
1980–81   Vassilis Goumas AEK
1981–82   Vangelis Alexandris PAOK
1982–83   Takis Koroneos Panathinaikos
1983–84   Nikos Stavropoulos PAOK
1984–85   Panagiotis Giannakis Aris
1985–86   David Stergakos Panathinaikos
1986–87   Nikos Galis Aris
1987–88   Panagiotis Giannakis (2×) Aris
1988–89   Nikos Galis (2×) Aris
1989–90   Nikos Galis (3×) Aris
1990–91   Georgios Gasparis &   Ken Barlow Panionios & PAOK
1991–92   Nikos Galis (4×) Aris
1992–93   Nikos Galis (5×) Panathinaikos
1993–94   Žarko Paspalj Olympiacos
1994–95     Bane Prelević PAOK     Bane Prelević PAOK
1995–96   Dominique Wilkins Panathinaikos   Dominique Wilkins Panathinaikos
1996–97   Harold Ellis Apollon Patras   David Rivers Olympiacos
1997–98   Panagiotis Liadelis Aris   Panagiotis Liadelis Aris
1998–99   Frankie King PAOK   Walter Berry PAOK
1999–00   Željko Rebrača Panathinaikos   Željko Rebrača Panathinaikos
2000–01   İbrahim Kutluay AEK   İbrahim Kutluay AEK
2001–02   Alphonso Ford Olympiacos   Alphonso Ford Olympiacos
2002–03   Fragiskos Alvertis Panathinaikos   Fragiskos Alvertis Panathinaikos
2003–04   Smush Parker Aris   Nestoras Kommatos Aris
2004–05   DeJuan Collins Aris   Jaka Lakovič Panathinaikos
2005–06   Roderick Blakney Maroussi   Kostas Tsartsaris Panathinaikos
2006–07   Kostas Tsartsaris Panathinaikos   Kostas Tsartsaris (2×) Panathinaikos
2007–08   Lynn Greer Olympiacos   Kostas Tsartsaris (3×) Panathinaikos
2008–09   Dimitris Diamantidis Panathinaikos   Dimitris Diamantidis Panathinaikos
2009–10   Miloš Teodosić Olympiacos   Miloš Teodosić Olympiacos
2010–11   Miloš Teodosić (2×) Olympiacos   Miloš Teodosić (2×) Olympiacos
2011–12   Georgios Printezis Olympiacos   Šarūnas Jasikevičius Panathinaikos
2012–13   Dimitris Diamantidis (2×) Panathinaikos   Roko Ukić Panathinaikos
2013–14   Ramel Curry Panathinaikos   Ramel Curry Panathinaikos
2014–15   Toarlyn Fitzpatrick Apollon Patras   Loukas Mavrokefalidis Panathinaikos
2015–16   Gaios Skordilis Faros Keratsiniou   Dimitris Diamantidis (2×) Panathinaikos
2016–17   Will Cummings Aris   James Feldeine Panathinaikos
2017–18   Vassilis Spanoulis Olympiacos   Manny Harris AEK

Multiple Greek Cup Finals Top ScorersEdit

Greek Cup Finals Top Scorer Number Of Times Being Greek Cup Finals Top Scorer
  Nikos Galis
  Steve Giatzoglou
  Dimitris Diamantidis
  Miloš Teodosić
  Panagiotis Giannakis
  Georgios Kastrinakis

Multiple Greek Cup Finals MVP winnersEdit

Greek Cup Finals MVP Number Of Times Being Greek Cup Finals MVP
  Kostas Tsartsaris
  Dimitris Diamantidis
  Miloš Teodosić

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