Greater Essex County District School Board

The Greater Essex County District School Board (known as English-language Public District School Board No. 9 prior to 1999[2]) was created on January 1, 1998 with the amalgamation of the Windsor Board of Education and the Essex County Board of Education. The school board services families in both Windsor, Ontario and Essex County, Ontario in Canada.

Greater Essex County District School Board
451 Park Street West
, Ontario, N9A 6K1
Coordinates42°18′54″N 83°02′36″W / 42.3149°N 83.0432°W / 42.3149; -83.0432Coordinates: 42°18′54″N 83°02′36″W / 42.3149°N 83.0432°W / 42.3149; -83.0432
District information
Chair of the boardAlicia Higgison
Director of educationErin Kelly
Schools55 elementary schools
15 secondary schools
BudgetCA$446 million[1] (2019-2020)
Students and staff
Studentsapprox. 36,500
Other information
Elected trustees10


The Greater Essex County District School Board administers 15 secondary schools and 55 elementary schools.



Elementary schools are Grades JK-8, unless otherwise noted:

  • A.V. Graham Public School
  • Amherstburg Public School
  • Anderdon Public School
  • Belle River Public School
  • Bellewood Public School
  • Centennial Central Public School
  • Central Public School
  • Colchester North Public School
  • Coronation Public School
  • D.M. Eagle Public School JK-6
  • David Maxwell Public School
  • Dr. David Suzuki Public School
  • Dougall Ave. Public School
  • East Mersea Public School
  • Eastwood Public School
  • Essex Public School
  • F.W. Begley Public School
  • Ford City Public School
  • Forest Glade Public School
  • General Brock Public School
  • Glenwood Public School
  • Giles Campus Public School
  • Gore Hill Public School
  • Gosfield North Public School
  • Harrow Public School
  • Herman Academy - Elementary
  • Hetherington Public School
  • Hugh Beaton Public School
  • Jack Miner Public School
  • John Campbell Public School
  • John A. McWilliam Public School
  • King Edward Public School
  • Kingsville Public School
  • Lakeshore Discovery School
  • LaSalle Public School
  • Legacy Oak Trail Public School
  • Malden Central Public School
  • Margaret D. Bennie Public School
  • Marlborough Public School
  • Mt. Carmel – Blytheswood Public School
  • Northwood Public School
  • Parkview Public School
  • Pelee Island Public School
  • Prince Edward Public School
  • Princess Elizabeth Public School
  • Queen Elizabeth Public School (Leamington)
  • Queen Victoria Public School
  • Roseland Public School
  • Roseville Public School
  • Sandwich West Public School
  • Southwood Public School
  • Tecumseh Vista Academy - Elementary
  • Talbot Trail Public School
  • West Gate Public School
  • Wm. G. Davis Public School

New ConstructionEdit

Over the last few years, the Greater Essex County District School Board has received a number of grants from the Ministry of Education to replace older schools with new modern buildings.

James L. Dunn Public SchoolEdit

In November 2015 the Greater Essex County District School Board received a grant from the Ministry of Education of $15.23 million to build a permanent home for the Giles Campus French Immersion Public School. Giles Campus French Immersion Public School was created in 2011 at the former W. D. Lowe High School building to accommodate French Immersion students in the Northwest area of Windsor. This was a temporary solution due to demand for French Immersion programming in the city until a business case was approved to build a new school within the area. In January 2017 the GECDSB purchased a piece of property at 1123 Mercer Street. The former International Playing Card factory, a designated heritage building, will be preserved and included in the overall design of the new school. The new school construction began in July 2020 with an opening anticipated for September 2022.

North ShoreEdit

In November 2015 the Greater Essex County District School Board was awarded a grant of $15.3 million for the construction of a new dual-track French Immersion / English school in the North Shore area. This will replace the current D.M. Eagle Public School and serve an area in Tecumseh and Lakeshore.

Kingsville JK-12Edit

In April 2016, the Ministry of Education announced funding for a $44-million JK-to-Grade 12 school to be located in Kingsville. The new school will consolidate students from Kingsville District High School, Harrow District High School, Kingsville Public School, and Jack Miner Public School, and may be the most expensive school the province has ever built.[3]

North Star High SchoolEdit

In October 2016 the Ministry of Education awarded a $24.3 million grant for the construction of a new Amherstburg High School, which will consolidate the General Amherst HS and Western SS communities. The site of the new school is located at the south end of Centennial Park off Simcoe Street between Fryer Street and Victoria Street South which was sold to the school board from the Town of Amherstburg in January 2018. Construction began in October 2020 and is expected to open for September 2022.

Legacy Oak Trail Public SchoolEdit

In October 2016 the Ministry of Education awarded a grant of $9,180,832 to build a replacement for Prince Andrew Public School in LaSalle, Ontario. In September 2018 land was acquired by the Board for the project on Leptis Magda Drive near the Vollmer Recreation Center. Construction began in June 2020 and was completed in September 2021.[4]

Eastview Horizon Public SchoolEdit

In January 2018 the Ministry of Education had awarded a grant of $13.2 million to build a new elementary school in the Forest Glade area for 501 students with an additional 4 dedicated childcare classrooms. The new school will combine the existing Parkview Public School and Eastwood Public School communities into a new building on the existing Parkview School site. Construction began in May 2021 and is expected to open for September 2022.

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